Hyundai Launches Digital Keys To Unlock Cars Using A Smarphone

               Hyundai has been known for its amazing technological innovations in the field of automobile industry. Now, they have come up with a new concept of digital keys. It is believed that most drivers leave behind the key fobs inside the car itself which has led to the cases of Car theft. Hence, Hyundai has come up with a potential solution which will eliminate the usage of the key altogether. So how are you going to open your car door without a key? Well, the Digital Key is the new solution which Hyundai is going to integrate on its locomotives.

It is an amazing move and a step forward towards the technological revolution in the automobile industry. The digital key will eliminate the use of physical keys altogether and decrease the chances of car theft. Moreover, it will also eliminate all the problems related to the physical keys. There is no need to carry a physical key with you, every time you go out. Sometimes you may forget the car key and it may land you up in a critical situation. Hence, this new solution is going to eliminate all such problems Completely.

How will the Hyundai Digital Key Work?

The Hyundai digital Key will work directly using your smartphone. Hence, now you can unlock your car doors using your smartphone itself. No need to carry keys around in your pocket. The smartphone is becoming everything a human needs. Adding up to the benefits of smartphones, now you can unlock your car. Hyundai has taken a really good step towards the integration and usage of Technology in the automobile industry. It is believed that integrating the key in smartphones will reduce the cases of car theft.

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Hyundai has announced the integration of car key in smartphones. The company said that they will be using the near field of technology to detect the car. After Unlocking the vehicle, the driver must place his smartphone on the wireless charging dashboard and then click on the start or stop button. This well done on the engine. The official added that the system can link up to 4 smartphones for a particular car. Hence, it will help up to 4 family members to have access to the car anytime. So, no need to disturb a particular person for the key. Have your own key in your pocket.

Hyundai is not the first company which is going to integrate this feature. Tesla already has this feature activated on some of its models. We all know that Tesla is the most modern automobile company in the world. Hence, it was the one to bring in this technology. However, Hyundai has taken a good initiative by launching the same feature on its platform. The NFC Technology prepares the system when the driver is within the range of 30m of the car.

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