How To Use Google Pay? – Here Is The Complete Steps By Step Guide!

How To Use Google Pay? - Here Is The Complete Steps By Step Guide!

                 Guide To Use Google Pay: Earlier known as Android Pay, Google pay has become one of the best e-wallet services around the world. Google change the name of this flagship payments app to avoid confusion between the name of the same application in a different region. Hence, now the payment app is known as Google Play All around The World. So what exactly is Google pay and how does it work? We have listed down the benefits and guide to using Google pay application. It is completely Free to use and is available for both Android and IOS platform.

What is Google Pay?

Google pe is the flagship payments of Google. There a lot of advanced features which you get along with this application. It works on any device which has NFC chip and runs on Android KitKat or higher. The application helps people in shopping online and at offline stores directly without the need for cash. You can make payment directly using the Google pay wallet. It is accepted in thousands of stores offline and online as well. Hence, you do not have to carry cash along with you anywhere you go. Your smartphone is your ultimate tool to pay for anything.

Where can Google Pay be used?

Google Pay is accepted in stores around the United States. You can pay directly using this application from your smartphone at offline stores like Best Buy, CVS, Subway and many more. Moreover, the application can also be used for paying online at different merchant websites like air bnb, wish, and many others. Hence, the application will help you in making any kind of payment anywhere. It is very easy to use this payments application. This is why we have given the complete guide to using the Google pay application below.

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How to use GPay?

It is really easy to use this amazing payments app by Google. All you need to do set up the payment method in the application and then shootout to any store offline and pay smoothly.

First of all, go to the Google Play Store and download this Google application. Make sure that the NFC feature of your device has been turned on. Now launch the application and you will find that the camera is switched on. Simply, scan your credit or debit card and the Google application will store it in the system. Now you are all set to go to an offline store and scan the NFC which is given by the Cashier. Then simply enter the debit or credit card pin into the system and the payment is done. So no need to carry your debit or credit card. Your smartphone is the new debit card.

The application can also be used for making online payments smoothly and at a rapid speed. It is accepted on almost all famous online websites and applications like Uber and air bnb. Just go to the website of any merchant which accept Google pay and click on the option while checking out. Then simply follow the instructions given on the screen at that time and the payment will be done without any trouble.

Features of Gpay

GPay is an extremely easy to use application and users can store their credit or debit card easily on the app. Hence, there is no need to carry cash or debit or credit card with you every time you go to a store. Security is a very big concern when it comes to online payments. Well, the application has been developed and secured by Google. Hence, you get Google payment security and there is no need to be afraid of any kind of scam.

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