How To Stop Facebook From Tracking Your Location?

            Facebook is one social media application which is blowing the privacy of its users. You might be aware of the incidents and news that has occurred in the recent past related to the privacy scars of Facebook. The CEO office of Facebook had to appear before the parliamentary committee in the US Senate to answer all the questions related to the privacy blow. Moreover, Facebook was found with a huge amount in Europe because of the same reason. Facebook always keeps on tracking your location and all your online activities and stores them in their database. Hence, you must take some measures to prevent Facebook from a store in your location. We have listed down few steps which you can follow to stop Facebook from getting your locations.

Why is it Unsafe For you?

Privacy is a major concern is this generation of digitalization. Every individual has the right to keep his personal address location and other details safe and hidden from the world. It is quite obvious that you will not like to share your location with millions of other Facebook users. This is especially important for girls who are at high risk of such privacy blow. Hence, you must take the measures to stop Facebook from a store in your location in their database.

The database of Facebook has been hacked quite a few times last year. Hence, your personal information is at high risk which exists in the database of Facebook. It is quite easy to disable Facebook from reading your location. We have listed the steps for both IOS and Android users. Hence, you must take the measures right away and secure your privacy.

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How to prevent Facebook From tracking your location?

On iOS

  • Launch the Facebook application and go to the settings
  • Then click on privacy and scroll down and select settings again.
  • There you will see a location setting and you will be given the option to configure it.
  • You can select the location setting according to your choice.
  • We recommend all the users to completely disable the reading location feature on your device.

On Android

Just like iOS, the Facebook Android application also reads the location of users. Moreover, the Facebook Android application has much more access to your information compared to the iOS devices. This is because iOS is very strict with the privacy of its users. Hence, you will have to take some measures on your own to make your Android device safer and better. Follow the simple steps given below to completely prevent Facebook from reading your location.

  • Launch the Facebook Android app and click on the triple line icon at the right-hand side top part.
  • Now scroll down and select the privacy menu.
  • Now select settings again and visit the location settings.
  • Then simply turn off the location access of the Android app.

Additional benefits of Disabling Facebook location

Besides ensuring your privacy, disabling the location will help you to save the background data as well as the battery of your device. You might be aware of the fact that a lot of charges is drained while supporting the background activities of many applications. Facebook location service is one search background activity which drains your battery. Moreover, it also consumes data of your smartphone without permission. However, you can restrict the application form using background data by going to the settings and disabling the data usage. However, we do not recommend you to disable the data usage option of Facebook. This is because disabling data services for the applications will not allow push notifications to be displayed. Hence, you may miss out on some important updates and live videos.

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