Here Is The List Of New Android Games Released This Week

Here Is The List Of New Android Games Released This Week

               New Android Games: A number of new games have been launched in the market this week. Are new Android game lover and close you track the newly launched games? We have come up with the list of new Android games which have been launched on this very week. It includes a wide variety of game from different categories. The list includes the latest augmented reality games and some Harry Potter games as well. There 8 thousand of games releasing every month and we come up with the best and buzzing Android games of the week. Here is the complete list of games released this week.

New Android Games Released This Week

1. Harry Potter: Wizard Unite

Niantic is known for its special location-based AR games. The new title with augmented reality was launched a week ago for the United States users. By now, it must have read United kingdoms. The latest title is quite similar to Pokemon go. However, the theme of the game is completely different given the fact that there is no relation between Pokemon and Harry Potter. So, it is the latest Harry Potter game which all the fans must try out. It is a perfect blend of augmented reality.

2. Dota Underlords

Dota Underlords is a game by Valve and it is an auto chess game. The beta version of the game has been released on the Google Play Store for the Android users this week. Hence, the original motivation of the title has not yet been released officially. There is no fixed date for when this beta version blind. However, it is a great opportunity for the users to try out the better version of the game and get all the multiplayer strategies ready before the full version of the game is launched.

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3. ROME: Total War- Barbarian Invasion

We were already aware of the fact that the standalone expansion of the title was coming in June 2019. Now that is finally here, you can download it from the Google Play Store and enjoy it with your friends. The mobile version of the game includes everything which is included in the PC version and it seems flawless. This is one of the new Android games which has been released this week.

4. Bring You Home

Bring You Home is the latest game from Alike Studios. It is the same publisher which brought Love You To Bits game on the Android platform earlier. It is an amazing puzzle game but the difference is that you will not have Direct access over the controls of the character. Each level has different slides and it is your responsibility to select the correct tiles so that the character can move when required.

5. Cursive

Cursive is is another addition to our list of new Android games. It is a simple block movement puzzle game. You will have to make the decisions in advance in order to ensure that the movement takes place at the right time. The game can be downloaded easily from the Google Play Store and it is absolutely free to download. Moreover, there is no advertisement and hence, you can enjoy the ad-free experience.

6. Survive the bridge

It is not one of the most polished new Android games but let’s understand the gameplay and why have you added to our list. The trailer is really amazing and you have to spend the most time in the car traveling over the bridges which are about to fall. The graphics and arts of the game may not seem extremely appealing but the gameplay is really amazing. It is really fun for the adventure loving people and those who love to drive the car and show their driving skills.

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