Here Is Everything You Need To Know About Verizon 5G!

Here Is Everything You Need To Know About Verizon 5G!

       Verizon has been a tough competitor for AT&T and all other telecom operators in the US. As we all know, 5G is the latest trend in the market and everyone has been waiting for it. Verizon has therefore launched the 5G network, which is believed to be a trailer or a beta version. Most other telecom companies do not believe this network as 5G. However, Verizon has claimed it to be a true 5G network.

What is the 5G network? Just like 4G, this is an upgraded version which will have a lot of added features. There how many things that you can expect from the upcoming 5G network, including the network speed, low cost, and higher reliability. Verizon has ruled out unlimited version of 5G which is compatible with very few smartphones as of now. The final version of 5G will be expectedly ruled out in the latter half of 2019. Hence, you will not have to wait very long for witnessing the fifth generation Network Technology.

Already many Tech companies have confirmed to be working on the 5G network. Both telecom operators and mobile phone manufacturers are working together in the direction to bring the 5G Technology as soon as possible. Meanwhile, where is only is leading the race and has already rolled out a limited version of the 5G network.


This network has been set up on a 28 GHz spectrum. Verizon has rolled out this feature only in limited cities. However, it is expected that very zone will roll out the complete 5G network in all the cities. The ultimate reason for rolling out the 5G network is to increase the internet speed and bring down the operation cost. Moreover, the 5G network will not be seen in the airport and other rural areas during the first few months.

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However, as the companies expand the network and set up more and more frequencies, everyone will have access to the high-speed internet connection via the 5G network.

5G Hardware and Smartphones

The new 5G network requires a special kind of hardware on the mobiles for functioning. Verizon has indulged only a limited number of Smartphones that will be having 5G compatibility. The hardware and modems should support 5G Technology. Initially, you can set up a device or modem for running the 5G network.

Moto Z3 is the first smartphone that will be having 5G compatible hardware for supporting the Verizon 5G. However, there are a number of Rumoured devices which will support the new 5G network. A number of 5G smartphones are in the line to receive this 5G support. Hence, 5G is not a distant dream for people in reality. If you want to get a glimpse of the upcoming 5G network, you can check out the latest Verizon 5G.

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