Here Are The Top 7 Best Places To Visit In The New York City

   Besides being the trade capital of the United States, New York City is the epicenter of art and culture. The energy and emotions this city holds for visitors are just unimaginable. You will find people saying that the night in New York city is young. This signifies that as the sun slowly disappears, the beauty of lights and music takes over. With musician’s music and live performances going around the city. Planning to visit the New York city and confused between which places to visit? Below is the list of best places in the New York City.

Best places to visit in the New York City

1. Statue of Liberty

We need not mention this place because a person visiting New York City will never miss out on the statue of Liberty. It is the icon of the New York City. However, if you are planning to visit it, you should reserve your tickets well in advance. This is because people book the ticket well in advance, hence, it remains full for months. The harbour view is just amazing and is a real-life experience for most.

2. Central Garden

If you love greenery and fresh air then visit the central park. It is one of the most renowned green areas with 843 acres of Greenland. The garden is an amazing picnic spot and for those who are looking for a break from life. Additionally, you can rent a bike in the central park and roam around. It is adventurous and you will find an open theatre as well.

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3. Ellis Island

Ellis Island is one of those historic places, which is also called the gateway for immigrants to New York City. The history and culture of this place have been important for the US and hence you will find the Ellis museum situated there. You will find historical images, documentaries and even films in this museum.

4. Metropolitan Museum of art

this is one of the best places to visit in New York City for those who love arts and culture. This is one of the world’s largest museum of arts where you will find more than 2 million Paintings, sculptures, and textiles. The museum is so large that you will have to spend a few hours to completely roam around.

5. Brooklyn Bridge

Brooklyn bridge is another icon of New York City, which is the world’s first bridge with a steel suspension. The design was a masterpiece at that time and a magnificent showcase of urban infrastructure. The bridges held only by two colors and steel suspensions.

6. Time Square

It is one of the best places in the New York city located in Midtown. You will find the traditional Yellow cab with golden arcs. The streets of time square look magnificent during the Christmas month with amazing lights and Christmas decoration and with celebration all around.

7. Empire State Building

Located in Manhattan, the Empire building blocks spectacular when you get from the bottom. Moreover, the view from the top is just amazing and people are ready to pay a hefty sum of fees to enter the building. The 86th and 102nd are open for sightseeing from 8 – 12 am. They charge hefty fees for all group ages. It is a real-life experience and you should not miss it. You will never regret the fees you paid to capture that moment in your life.

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8. New York Public Library

This is a central spot for all book lovers and those who love to read books about history and architecture. There are several branches of this library. The main building is an open full day, while, other branches are open for a son and duration during the day.

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