Here Are The Steps To Increase The Google Storage Space Of Your Account

           Google provides free storage space in the form of Google drive. It is the modern day hardware for most customers. Google initially provides up to 15 GB of free storage space which includes uploading pictures and videos to the Google drive and the space consumed by Gmail other Google applications. The storage limit might be more for the paid G-suit users. However, the 15 GB of Google cloud storage space seems to be insufficient for people who frequently backs up his videos and pictures to the Google photos account. So is there any way to Get More Google Storage space?

There are a number of ways in which you can increase the Google storage space and make it more organized. Just like a normal hard disk, Google storage space is limited and is not really sufficient for people who frequently use, is it? Hence, we have listed down a number of ways using which you can increase the Google storage space of your account. Moreover, Google provides an option of increasing the storage space by paying as less as $2 for 100 GB. Hence, people who do not mind paying for the storage space can opt for this option. However, we have got some free options as well.

How to get more Google storage space?

1. Delete Drive Debris

People open store unnecessary things on the account are of no use to them. Hence, you should take out a few minutes from your busy schedule and clean the storage space by removing all the junk files. This would make more storage space for your important files. We blister down few steps which you can consider to free up the junk space.

  • Open the data center of your Google account which contains all the stored files.
  • Sort the files depending on the file size.
  • Check out which file is consuming the most data and if it is relevant.
  • If not, consider removing the entire folder from the space. Hence, some space can be cleared easily.
  • Besides, click on the gear option at the top side of the screen and select the applications.
  • Click on Google apps and search for junk or hidden data.
  • There are many applications which unnecessarily uploads hidden data on the Google account.
  • Hence, all you need to do is clear the hidden file data.
  • Moreover, you must also clear the entire trash data.
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2. Free up photo storage

You can see in terms of storage space by opting for the free high-resolution pictures and videos option. This option is auto enabled for pixel devices and the images automatically get compressed and stored. However, this is not the case for all Android smartphones. You must manually convert and compress all the images and videos to high quality in order to be eligible for the free storage space.

  • Go to the picture settings page on the Google account.
  • Click on unlimited high-quality pictures storage space.
  • select auto compress option and enable the feature on your device.
  • This will free of the whole storage space which was consumed by high definition pictures and videos.

3. Delete Gmail Junks

The mails on the Gmail does not consume much storage space of the Google account. However, the unnecessary attachments which are tied up in your Google storage consume a huge amount of data and storage space. Hence, you must take out a few minutes and remove all the trash and odd attachments piled up in your Gmail account.

  • Go to the Gmail account and click on the attachment folder which will display files greater than 10M.
  • Identify all the unnecessary attachments and delete them permanently.
  • Additionally, go to the spam folder and delete the emails altogether.
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