Here Are The Best Multi Account Applications For Android

Here Are The Best Multi Account Applications For Android

         Many Android users have a common demand that they want to use multiple social media accounts on the same app. For instance, it is possible that you have more than one Facebook account. This means that you have to keep logging in and out of the Facebook application in order to switch from one account to another. Moreover, you might have a dual SIM smartphone but you can run only one WhatsApp account. Can urine multiple WhatsApp accounts on a single smartphone without rooting a device? Yes, you can run multiple WhatsApp accounts on your Android device. All these can be done using the Multi-Account Apps. Below are some famous multi-account apps.

Best Multi Account Apps For Android

1. Parallel Space

Parallel space is one of the most popular multi-account app available for the Android platform. The user interface of this application is great and you can very easily add a second account. You just have to launch the app and click on the add button and select the app you want to run in the second space. For instance, if you click on WhatsApp, a new Whatsapp icon will be added to your parallel space account. Simply tap on the icon to access a fresh WhatsApp application which has no connection to the base app available on your phone.

2. Multi Accounts

As the name suggests, multi-accounts will help in creating multiple accounts of an application like Facebook or WhatsApp. The cloning feature is not limited to the social media apps only. You can clone each and every app downloaded on your Android smartphone in the Multi-Account app. Moreover, the application has completely free of cost and can be downloaded officially from the Google Play Store. However, the user interface is a bit clumsy compared to the parallel space app.

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3. 2Accounts

This is another great application for running multiple accounts on a single Android device. Forget the logout feature to switch accounts and switch to 2Accounts. This will help you to access any account of yours without logging out from the base application. It is very convenient for those people who have more than one account on social media. 2Accounts supports almost all games and apps available on the Google Play Store. However, there are some minor problems related to the second space app notification. For instance, you might get the second space WhatsApp notification after a few minutes of the original time.

4. App Cloner

App Cloner is a very famous application for running multiple accounts on a single Android device. The application has a privacy setup which will help you and set up a lock for all the second space applications. Moreover, you can change the name and icon colour to avoid confusion between multiple apps. These features made the app cloner a perfect choice for those who are looking for multiple accounts on a single device. The only decide about this application is that it supports a limited number of apps. However, you can run all the famous social media apps on this platform.

5. CM App clone

CM App clone is another amazing multi-account app for Android devices. It supports all the famous social media apps as well as games. Hence, you can enjoy the cloning feature with multiple support. Moreover, there is no issue with the notification system of this application. However, the downside of this application is that it cannot handle too much pressure. In case you multitask too many second space apps, it will crash. If you are just going to use a single app at a time, you won’t face any problem. Hence, choose the best one out of this list which suits your needs.

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