Here Are The Best Electric Razors & Shavers On The Market Today

  A Few Years Ago, people used to visit the barber in order to get their beards shaved. We completely relied on them for getting shaved. However, things are better now. All thanks to the electrical shavers which help us getting rid of our beards quickly and safely. You are at your own mercy while shaving using an electrical Shaver. These electrical shavers use spinning blade technology, which cut the hairs smoothly without slicing of the skin. Are you looking for the best electrical shavers on the market? Here is the list of the best electrical shavers you can get yourself right now!

Electrical shavers are a lot more convenient than the conventional razors. This is because it saves plenty of our time every morning. You don’t even need a gel or water to clean your beards using an electrical Shaver. It can save both in dry and wet conditions. You can choose between fog and rotatory shavers. So why not spend a bit more than razors and get an electrical shaver? Here are our picks of best electrical shaver on the market.

Best Electrical Shavers On Market Today

1. Braun Series Foil Shaver

It is one of the best selling electrical Shaver on the market. However, it is quite expensive. The money you spend on this shaver is completely worth the features you get with it. It is suitable for all skin types because it has different modes of operation depending upon the skin type of an individual. It is a foil shaver and is completely water resistant. You can use it for both dry and wet shave. It is available for $350.

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2. Panasonic Arc 5

Panasonic has gained a name of market leader because of using some amazing technologies in all its product. The Panasonic Arc 5 is a clear definition of the latest Panasonic technology in the razor industry. Although expensive, it is one of the most sold electrical shavers on the market. Its 5 foil Technology helps the user to get a clean shave without even a glitch on his skin. The latest sensors are there two sons and adjust the blades according to the shape and size of the beard. Thereby making it extremely suitable for new users.

3. Philips Norelco

Are you looking for Electrical shaver which is friendly to your pocket? Here is the Philips Norelco shaver, which is inexpensive and has best in class features. This rechargeable Razer will help you trim or shave any length of hair without any problem. You can trim your beard in various lengths depending on your choice. Therefore, you get the entire control of your looks. It is available on the market for just $30. The brand name is enough to ensure you a proper and decent shave.

4. Panasonic 3 Blade Shaver

Another electrical Shaver which costs you less than $50. Panasonic is a trusted brand which is offering this amazing 3 blade shaver at an affordable rate. It will help you in clean shave without any trouble. It comes with an LCD display which shows the battery level and when you need to change its blades. Hence, is extremely perfect for you if you are looking for an affordable Shaver.

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5. Philips Travel Razor

Another inexpensive razor from Philips. You don’t even have to spend $20 on buying an electrical shaver now. The Philips Travel Razor is available on the market for only $15. It helps you to get rid of your beard on the go while you are traveling. It is extremely light weighted which makes it suitable for carrying around while traveling. You might probably be searching for a razor which will help you when you are out, working on some project. Hence, Philips travel razor is extremely suitable for you.

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