Here Are The 6 Best Fitness Trackers You Can Buy Right Now!

Here Are The 6 Best Fitness Trackers You Can Buy Right Now!

   Fitness has become an essential part of our everyday life. Hence, keeping a track on your daily workout is very essential. Tracking the walking distance and workout helps you to find out how much fat you are actually burning in a day and is it sufficient to reach your fitness goals in a defined time or not. Fitness trackers help us keep a track on our daily routine. Hence, buying fitness tracker is completely worthy. There are hundreds of different types of fitness trackers available in the market. But which one should you buy? Here is a list of best fitness trackers that you can consider buying.

6 Best Fitness Trackers

1. Fitbit Versa

This is a great option if you are looking for a reliable fitness tracker with good looks and more than a good tracking system. Versa comes with a pink pant and is used mostly by the girls to track their fitness. Girls can keep track of the menstrual cycle using Versa. However, it is used by both boys and girls to keep a track on the heartbeat rate, sleeping rates, and walking performance. It is a kind of personal coach for you and is available only for $200.

2. Apple Watch Series 4

Apple has been making a series of premium smart watches which plays the role of a fitness tracker. Besides being a smartwatch, it has various sensors like the heartbeat sensor which helps you to keep a track on any irregularity. Additionally, you can wear it while sleeping to examine the hours of deep sleep. It has a 24 hours long battery life and looks is stunning premium. The square shape of the Apple watch series 4 gives it a premium look. It is available for $400-500.

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3. Samsung Galaxy Watch

The flagship fitness tracker from Samsung which has been launched in the market to compete with the Apple watches. It is round shaped and has a large radius. Besides heartbeat, Samsung watch can track 21 different types of exercises and workout patterns. Additionally, Samsung claims that the smartwatch can run for 72 hours without charging. It is a powerful fitness tracker with all latest features. You can find out the comparison between Apple watch series 4 vs Samsung galaxy watch. It is available $400 onwards.

4. Mi Band 3

If you are looking for affordable fitness trackers, then Mi band 3 is the perfect match for you. Available for just $37, Mi fitness band looks great and helps you to keep a track on your daily routine. Obviously, you will be missing out some Features like heartbeat sensor. However, it doesn’t matter much if you are looking for cheap fitness trackers. It is decent enough for beginners and if you want to keep a track on the day to day walking and exercise. Moreover, it is waterproof.

5. Vivo Smart

Another affordable Fitness Tracker from Vivo. Available for $130, Vivo offers you features like water resistance and heartbeat sensor. It helps you to keep a track on all regular and irregular patterns of your daily routine. You can even track your sleeping pattern with the Vivo smartwatch.  Additionally, it has am OLED display with touchscreen enabled. Therefore, Vivo smartwatch is one of the best fitness tracker Available in the market for a decent price tag.

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6. Garmin Fenix 5 Plus

This is perhaps one of the most costly fitness trackers. If you are looking for a high-level device to track your activities, then this is the one. So pack your backpack and go out for rock climbing and another such adventurous journey. Fenix 5 has a powerful GPS system and will guide you throughout. Additionally, it will track your daily activities and show you the summary. It is expensive but completely worth it.

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