Galaxy Watch vs Apple Watch Series 4: Which Is Smarter?

Galaxy Watch vs Apple Watch Series 4: Which Is Smarter?

  Gone are those days when people used to buy conventional analog watches. We are in a phase where you can wear an entire minicomputer on your wrist. Watches have evolved to become something more than just a machine to display time. But there are multiple options available when it comes to smartwatches. Are you confused between which Smartwatch to buy? The Galaxy watch and Apple watch series 4 is the latest smartwatches in the market. Here is a comparison between Galaxy watch vs Apple watch series 4.

Galaxy Watch vs Apple Watch Series 4

Design & Display

The Galaxy watch and Apple watch series 4 is completely different when it comes to design. The Galaxy watch has a conventional lock with circular bezels. It is quite big and can do of your wrist. Hence, you must write physically once before buying. Series 4, on the other hand, has the proper Apple watch squarish design. The display area seems larger than the previous version and the build quality is amazing as usual. The bezels are reduced considerably. The watch never fails to give you a premium feel. Additionally, it comes with the great 3D touch technology which allows different functions to be activated, depending upon the intensity of touch. The best part is that you can use both the smartwatches while swimming.

The choice depends upon an individual because it is almost impossible to pick one based on the difference of shape and display. It is completely upon one’s dressing style. Both the smart watches have an OLED display. The screen size of Samsung Galaxy watch is 1.3 inches, whereas the apples series 4 watch sports a huge 1.8-inch screen.

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Fitness Features

The Samsung Galaxy watch can track more than 30 types of exercise. When it comes to automatic detection, it can sense up to four types of workout including cycling walking and running. The heartbeat sensor works perfectly and gives the correct reading every time. Additionally, the smartwatch has an inbuilt GPS system. Therefore, you can leave behind your phone at home while going for a walk. You can also sleep wearing the watch, to get the accurate details of your sleep timing.

The Apple watch series 4 seems more powerful in this segment. It as an enhanced heartbeat sensor. Apple watch has features similar to the Galaxy watch but it has got something more. The Apple watch can read the stress level in your body both while working and sleeping. It prompts you to take a break every time the stress goes above a certain level. It also reminds you to stand and walk depending upon your daily routine. Hence, the Apple watch series 4 takes a lead here.

Battery Life

This is the area by Samsung takes a huge leap. Samsung claims of whopping 72 hours of battery life on its Galaxy watch, whereas Apple claims a consistent 24 hours of standby time if you are not using GPS and Bluetooth. Hence, you can imagine the difference in battery life.


The Samsung Galaxy watch 4 is compatible with both Android and IOS devices. It starts from $330 and ranges up to $400, depending upon the size and model you choose. On the other hand, the Apple watch series 4 ranges from $400 to $500. As usual, the biggest drawback of the Apple watch series 4 is that it is compatible with only iPhones. There is also a premium version of Apple watch series 4 which is available for $1000.

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The Samsung Galaxy what is probably the best watch available in the market. It’s a complete value for money and the battery life is amazing. You can go on for days without charging the device. Apple watch series 4 on the other hand, is not worth the price as it supports only iPhones.

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