Here Are Some Trends Expected In The Smartphones, That Will Be See In 2019

Some Trends Expected In The Smartphones, That Will Be See In 2019

     Smartphone fans had a quite delightful year. We saw some amazing competition in the smartphone industry with high specifications at a relevantly low price. However, there was not much hardware performance growth in 2018. The software was the major area of development that we witnessed in the year passed by. Hence, there are a number of Technology which is going to improve in 2019 and we should keep a strict watch on them. The smartphone is one industry with rapid developments. Therefore, 2019 will be full of hardware and software improvements, in both budget and flagship Smartphone range. Below are some trends we expect to see in the smartphones of 2019.

Trends in Smartphones of 2018

1. Punch hole display

Some Rumored Smartphones you will be having a punch hole display. By punch hole display, we mean that the display will completely be covered by the screen. There will not be any bezel or notch, only open school containing the front camera will be present. This is a trend which we expect to be present in more than three-four models of Smartphones releasing buy some big companies in 2019. For instance, Huawei Nova 4 is confirmed to come with this Punch hole display. Moreover, the Samsung Galaxy S10 will also have this punch hole Technology. However, Samsung calls this infinity “o” display.

Therefore, two phones are already confirmed with the punch hole display. Hence, we expect this to be a trend in the upcoming smartphones. There is always copy paste format in the smartphone industry. Most Chinese companies follow the design of top Tech companies like Apple and Samsung. Hence, the punch hole display will surely become the new trend in 2019.

2. Improved Cameras

The camera race was a part of 2018 and will remain a significant area of development in 2019 as well. There are two ongoing races in the camera segment. One is the number of lenses. Till date, we have seen a quad camera and LG has announced 5 lens camera. However, the race doesn’t end here. There is a Chinese smartphone manufacturer which has patented of 16 lens camera. However, the possibility of actually implementing it seems quite impossible currently.

Another significant area of development will be the megapixels. Lumia has the highest record of 41-megapixel camera till date. Xiaomi has announced its intentions of manufacturing of 40-megapixel camera. Some other smartphones like the Huawei Mate 20 Pro are rumoured to be participating in the same race.

3. Quick Charge

The world is getting faster and so are the lives of human beings. In this fast-moving and busy generation, people really have the time to charge the devices. Therefore, some companies have indicated a quick charge to be an area of rapid development in 2019. We are already using the 3rd version of quick charge. This will be a continuing trend in the smartphones of 2019. Quick charge is a necessity of today’s smartphone users. Almost all the work we do are based on a smartphone. Hence, the average time of using the smartphone is increasing drastically. To tackle the needs of the consumers, manufacturers are already working on quick charge technology and we will further see it in 2019 smartphones.

4. Face Unlock

Face unlock is a feature which we have seen in 2019 flagship smartphones. However, we expect at face unlock feature will be the new trend in budget segment Smartphones of 2019. A significant improvement in the retina focused unlock is going on. According to most experts, the fingerprint sensor will be replaced by face unlock features in the upcoming Smartphones of 2019. This will ensure much more safety compared to the fingerprint, which can be used by someone while you are sleeping. Hence, these trains are going to lead the smartphone industry in 2019.

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