Here Are Some Pro Essay Writing Tips Which You Need To Be Consider

  Writing essay is a daunting task for most students. Most school going students want to learn the art of writing flawless essays to impress their teachers. To write some amazing essays you should know the basics and some additional tips formulated by teachers. Many English teachers and researchers have come to the conclusion that essays are very important for communication purpose in both daily life and corporate life. Hence, the essay is there in syllabus from school life to college life. But how to write an amazing essay? Here are some quick and pro essay writing tips to write amazing essays.

Pro Essay Writing Tips

1. Read an Essay was written by Other People

Teachers always advise reading essays about other people who write them well. Good reading habits lead to better writing skill. reading is considered to be one of the most important tasks that all students must include in their routine. If you read an essay written by someone good, then you get the basic knowledge of framing your ideas. There are times when students have the content ready and the mind but they don’t know how to frame it and put it in words. Hence, you should use this essay writing tip, to quickly frame your words on the paper.

2. Use Vocabulary

Economic usage of words in the essay is very important and is one of the pro essay writing tips by most teachers. Points should be shot and accurate in every essay. Hence, using vocabulary is very important to shorten long and ranting lines. Besides, you should know where to use what. Hence, you should not only know about vocabulary but also understand how to apply it in essays. To develop the book writing skill you must follow the above-mentioned essay writing tip. Reading books and fiction of different genres will help you to develop the essential vocabulary skill. If you don’t understand the meaning of a specific word, refer to the dictionary.

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3. Present your ideas well

Your content might be good, but most students lack framing skills. Hence, students must work hard and developing this skill to present your ideas to The reader clearly. Use short and powerful sentences to express your views on the topic. The first paragraph should be an introduction to the topic. Additionally, the second para should have the main content related to the topic. Moreover, the last paragraph should be a concluding one, expressing your gratitude. There are no limitations to the number of paragraphs in an essay. The more paragraph you use, the better it is.

4. Syntax & Punctuations

Structure your essay in a smart way and use syntax. There should be a combination of both short and long sentences. However, the long one should not be too lengthy. The essay should be perfectly readable and should not look like a puzzle. Moreover, the punctuation marks should be used correctly. Most teachers mark you on your punctuation skills. For every punctuation mistake, you should be some part of your marks is cut. This is one of the pro essay writing tips shared by professors.

5. Voice

The usage and tone of voice speak a lot about your essay. Hence, that should always be a focus on mixing the tone of voice. However, active voice should be used in more than 70% sentences, whereas, passive voice should be less than or equals to 30% of the passage. This mixture of voice forms the best combination possible. Moreover, you should know where to use indirect and direct sentences. Usually, maximum direct sentences are placed in the first paragraph itself. While the last paragraph should contain more than 95% indirect sentences.

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