Here Are Some iPhone Hidden Features Which You Must Try!

Here Are Some iPhone Hidden Features Which You Must Try!

               Since the Android operating system has launched, most people argue that Android is better than IOS. This is mainly because of the fact that there are many features which are lacking on the iPhones. Android is said to how many advanced features which are not compatible with the iPhones. However, there are some cool secret features in iPhone which will amaze you. These features are mostly hidden and not known by most iPhone users. Hence, we have come up with Some iPhone Hidden Features which will change your overall experience of using an iPhone.

Some Cool iPhone Hidden Features

1. Location-based DND

There are some places where people do not want to get disturbed especially by the emails and other notifications of the smartphone. To solve this problem of yours we have an iPhone hidden feature. You can switch on the do not disturb mode based on your location. The iPhone automatically turns on and off the do not disturb mode when you enter a particular location. For instance, you might not like to be disturbed in a meeting room or at the holy places. So, you can simply go to the settings and long press the do not disturb mode. You will get an option to disable do not disturb mode when you exit that particular location. Hence, it is a really cool iPhone hidden feature which is not known by most people.

2. Move Apps in Batches

Moving apps in batches is a feature which most Android users enjoy. Using the speech of an individual can move a number of apps at a single time from one screen to another. This is particularly the case when you want the reshuffling of the home screen. It is very inconvenient to move apps one by one. Did you know that you can move apps in batches on your iPhone? Simply, long press a simple application and then select the applications with your second finger.

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3. Increase the volume above the limit

If you are fond of listening to music at high volume using your iPhone speakers, we have got an iPhone hidden feature which will help you in increasing the volume, exceeding the full volume cap. For doing this, you will have to go to the EQ menu via settings and enable the late night option.

4. A sleep timer

The sleep timer is a very effective solution for those people who often watch movies all listen to music late at night. It may so happen that you are listening to music and suddenly you sleep without turning it off. This results and complete battery outflow during the night. Hence, you should use a sleep timer which will automatically close all the activities on your iPhone at a particular time. You can simply go to the clock app and set the turn off the timer.

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