Here Are 7 Ways To Relieve With The Dry Eyes Syndrome!

     Dry Eyes is a disorder in which the tear glands are under secretive. This causes excessive dryness in the eyes which in turn courses itching. There make me a number of reasons for eye dryness. However, if you have the dry eye syndrome, the dryness will be more. Hence, you must have to consult a doctor or take proper medication. Dry eye syndrome sir not cured usually and treatment has to go on for life. However, it can be maintained easily by following some common treatment methods on a day to day basis. Below are some steps which will help you lower your dry eye syndrome.

Treatments of Dry Eye Syndrome

1. Artificial Tears

Dry eye syndrome is on continuous rice because of the habits of continuous computer and smartphone usage. The eyes get dry and itches. Hence, you should apply artificial tears to lubricate the upper portion of the eyes. This is very effective in the early or middle stage of the syndrome. The artificial tear compensates for the natural tears and helps in adding moisture to the surface of eyes.

2. Restasis

Restasis is also an eye drop. However, it is not just an artificial lubricating agent but a medication which reduces inflammation of eyes. Moreover, it naturally forces the eyes to produce tears by its own. Hence, this is a very effective medication to improve dry eye syndrome naturally. You must keep in mind that resistances take a significantly long time to show results, unlike normal lubricating agents.

3. Steroid Eye Drops

These are the combination of resistances and normal eye drops which helps in reducing inflammation and redness of eyes. In case of a severe dry eye syndrome, you have prescribed this medication. This is much more beneficial compared to the normal lubricating eye drops. Moreover, it is said to be a combination of stasis and other lubricating eye drops.

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4. Punctual plugs

These are small sterile devices which are fitted near the eyes and a part of that plugs in the drainage duct of eyes. This causes the tears to remain in the eyes and improve the dry eye syndrome naturally. However, did not act as a permanent solution and can be used at the time of extreme redness and irritation.

5. Warm Compression

Meibum is a part of the gland which hardens and stops producing tears. Hence, applying warm compression on closed eyelids will help to lessen the hardness. This will in turn help in the production of tears in the eyes. Therefore, you will get some relief from the dry eyes syndrome. Doctors advise taking one compression for 10 minutes twice a day. The temperature of the water should be around 108-degree Fahrenheit. However, most patients do not take it as prescribed and later suffer from intense dry eyes syndrome. Doing this treatment irregularly will be almost ineffective.

6. Nutrition

The major cause of the dry eye syndrome maybe lack of some nutrition and an appropriate amount of water in your body. Hence, doctors usually prescribe nutrition supplements containing Omega 3 fatty acids. Moreover, the patients are advised to drink a lot of water every day. The Omega 3 fatty acid is very effective to relieve dry eye syndrome. There are certain foods like salmon and Cod which are rich in Omega 3 fatty acid content.

7. Home Remedies

Dry eye syndrome can be treated by home remedies itself in the early stage. You should not use many computers or any other digital gadgets. Moreover, you should keep blinking your eyes often and take plenty of water. Additionally, you should wear proper and high-quality sunglass when you go out during the day. This will prevent direct sun rays on eyes.

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