HBO Go vs HBO Now: Compare And Choose Streaming Service Which Is Right For You

                HBO Go vs HBO Now, Which Is Best Streaming Service?: Fans of HBO content? Well, then you must have heard of company’s twin streaming services, HBO Go and HBO Now, which let its subscribers experience the wonders of Westworld as well as Westeros with the help of their PlayStation 4, iPhone, or any other HBO-compatible device.

If you have not heard about it or you are confused between these two, then with the help of this article we will compare HBO Go and HBO Now on a different basis so that you can also compare and think what you want and what you don’t. so, without wasting any time let’s gets started….

HBO Go vs. HBO Now: Price

HBO Now is a stand-alone package, which in other terms means that it doesn’t require any cable subscription to use or get access to and it will cost you $15 per month. On the other hand, talking about HBO Go, it is free but only with an HBO subscription, you can’t get access to it through any other means. For HBO Go you must have an HBO subscription for which one must be paying for cable or satellite.

HBO Go vs. HBO Now: Content

As far as the content is concerned, you don’t have to worry about as no matter what HBO offers such as film, comedy special, and television series it is available irrespective of whether you choose HBO Go or HBO Now. Most of the content is available through both services at the same time as its original broadcast. Also, the interfaces for both apps are very similar to each other and showcase both “featured” content as well as new releases.

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HBO Go vs. HBO Now: Devices

HBO Go has been around with us since the year 2010 and has combined a robust list of well-matched devices at that period of time. Talking about HBO Now, when it was unveiled in the year 2015, the service was certain to a near limited deal with Apple, which meant it was only accessible on devices like the iPad, iPhone, and Apple TV.

After the expiration of the deal in the mid-2015, on the other hand, the company has gradually added support for HBO Now in order to a multitude of devices. The key difference among each compatibility of the platform is not the device, but on the other hand, is the generation or version thereof.

HBO Go vs HBO Now: Compare And Choose Streaming Service Which Is Right For You

HBO Go vs. HBO Now: Alternative Choice

Well, it is not necessary that you just have to stick around on these two as nowadays there are various options available. If you don’t want to spend your money on buying an HBO subscription then don’t worry as there are quite a few HBO-produced options that are still available on Amazon Prime Video. In the meantime, Prime subscribers have also access to a wealth of HBO-made content, as well as however it is not the similar volume that you are going to get through HBO Go or HBO Now, but it might be enough for you to make a dedicated HBO subscription less essential.

HBO Go vs. HBO Now: Final Verdict

HBO Go somehow makes more sense for people who are already subscribed to HBO for the reason that technically you already have it. But talking about HBO Now, on the other hand, it is only targeted at those who choose to avoid traditional cable subscriptions in favor of Hulu, Netflix, Amazon Prime and many more. If you’ve cut the cable, HBO Now is not only your best choice, but it’s almost your only choice for watching HBO’s content. In the end, the choice is all yours whether you want HBO Go or HBO Now.

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