Harry Potter – Wizards Unite: Gameplay, Release Date And Everything You Need To Know

Harry Potter - Wizards Unite: Gameplay, Release Date And Everything You Need To Know

                  Harry Potter – Wizards Unite: Niantic is now moving into the wizarding world with the all-new Harry Potter – Wizards Unite. They are the developer of the famous game, Pokemon Go. The game became viral worldwide because of the special Augmented Reality features. The new Harry Potter game will be first releasing in the United States followed by the United kingdoms and then in the rest for the world. It is going to be a really amazing game and it is worth cracking and understanding the game player and other features. Hence, we have mentioned all you need to know about the game below.

Harry Potter – Wizards Unite

It is the latest Harry Potter game richest powered by Augmented reality and it’s quite similar to Pokemon go. Both the games are similar only because they share the same location-based Augmented reality features. All other features and gameplay remain significantly distinct. The player will be a witch or wizard in the game and he will have to protect the statue of results in order to ensure that the magical world of wizards remains a secret.

There has been a calamity which has caused a Chaos and the magic items have scattered all around and are being discovered by the non-magical people. Your primary job will be to collect all these roundtables. However, the task will not be very easy. There will be confoundables who will try to restrict you from collecting the items. Hence, you’ll have to use black spells in order to destroy them. The game is a combination of various activities like collecting, discovering, battling and teamwork. The best part is that all will be done in Niantic’s Map.

Release Date

Harry Potter – Wizards Unite was officially released on 28th June 2019 in the United States and the United Kingdom. You can instantly download the game from the Google Play Store or iOS App Store depending upon the device you are using. People residing in other parts of the world can download the game using the APK procedure. The publisher also confirms that they have learnt a lot from the launch of Pokemon go. You might be aware of the fact that there was a huge server problem when Pokemon go was released. It was because the servers couldn’t handle the heavy traffic. Hence, Niantic has completely updated the servers to handle traffic and the Experience has been good so far.

How does the game work?

Just like Pokemon Go, Harry Potter – Wizards Unite tracks real-time movement. Hence, your movement will help the character to move through the map. There are forests, inns and greenhouses. You can interact with all these things in the game and they make up the discovery side of the game.

The traces of magic the places where you will find fundable. These Can Be anything ranging from a friend to an enemy. It will get revealed once you open it. The uses can use the camera on their app for doing so and this is where the Augmented reality comes into play. Moreover, it is similar to the collection of pokemon in the Pokemon Go game. However, there is an option to turn off the Augmented reality part.

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The inns will give you spell energy which will be required during the course of the came to fight against the enemies and the beast. On the other hand, greenhouses will give you ingredients and portions. You mail also file items which will help you in growing the ingredients. The gameplay of the new Harry Potter game is really amazing and users will love it. Therefore, you must download and enjoy it.

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