These Are The Top 5 Apple Arcade Games of 2020

Everyone around the world is looking for entertainment and things which can help them kill boredom and time as well. There is no doubt that games are the best way to kill time and even get entertained. So are you one of the apple arcade subscribers and looking for the best Apple arcade games? We have come up with the list of best Apple arcade games for iPad, iPhone, and Apple TV. There are 100+ titles available on apple arcade, therefore, people find it difficult to find the best ones out. We have spent a good time reviewing all the games and we have consolidated the best ones in the list given below.

Best Apple Arcade Games For iPhone, iPad and Apple TV

Best Apple arcade games

1. Butter Royale

This is the best Battle Royale game available on Apple Arcade. It is quite similar to the gameplay of Fortnite, which is the best Battle Royale game in the world. It quotes 100 players on a map and they have to combat against each other and survive till the end. However, the level of gaming is quite mature in Fortnite and not suitable for children. Hence, Butter Royale is a perfect option for all such people who are looking for or a less matured Battle Royale game. It is best played on iPhones.

2. Overland

Overland is one of the best strategy games that you will find on the apple arcade. It is an isometric turn-based strategy game in post-apocalyptic America. The motive of the player is to move from the east to the West coast. It is a quest of Survival and the player also has to aid other people whom he meets on the way. The player has to survive through extreme events during his journey. For instance, he would have to escape the burrowing insects.

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3. Crossy Road Castle

It is one of the latest titles of Apple Arcade and is among the best games available on the platform. It is a light multiplayer game that allows you to combine with a maximum of three other players and run as long as you can in order to explore the end of the castle. Hence, you can go as far as you can having fun with your friends.

4. Pilgrims

Pilgrims is a very simple game that will remind you of the games that were played in the 1980s. However, at hostel found a place in our list of best Apple arcade games for iPhone, iPad and Apple TV. The reason being that the game is all about execution and you just have to place anything before you in the right manner in order to proceed. Hence, you must try this game.

5. Skate City

Skate City is last but not the least game in our list of best Apple arcade games. It is a great skating game that allows you to skate around the city. The player can showcase his talent for skating and boarding. The user interface of the application is great and the cities are also well designed.

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