GreenBook Box Office Collection: Unusual Best Picture Oscar Winner!

           As according to today, with 77 million dollars in domestic earnings and over 123 million dollars overseas. This includes 25 million dollars in China and with this Universal/Comcast, Amblin and DreamWorks SKG’s Green Book is a superhit. The movie has grossed about 200 million dollars. So, yeah, the 23 million dollars grossed buddy flick is an actual hit from the honesty and goodness. It is a hit for Universal and Friends which includes Ali pictures and also the flick in China.

If we try to realize the truth then we can see that in the era of Netflix this gross is really appreciable. The movie got 200 million dollars earnings from the theatres is quite impressive in itself. The movie is a straight-up character-driven dramedy with no action, fantasy, musical numbers or even much in the way of romance. It is also the biggest grossing movie to win best picture Oscar, in both the domestic and worldwide. This is since Ben Affleck’s Argo ($136m domestic and $232m global on a $45m budget) which was 6 years ago.

Other movies to win Oscar

That was also the last time in 2013 that any straight up studio vehicle has won the Oscar as Fox Searchlight won the Oscar (12 Years A Slave), 2014 (Birdman) and 2017 (The Shape of Water), while Open Road (which now essentially no longer exists) triumphed with Spotlight in 2015 and A24’s Moonlight won in 2016. In spite of having a conventional scheme stating that only conventional blockbusters which star white men, these movies have earned their money mostly from North America. The vast majority of Best Picture winners, including the likes of 12 Years A Slave, Moonlight and others are the same. From the year 1989, only Warner Bros.’ Driving Miss Daisy ($107 million domestic and $145m worldwide in 1989), Warner Bros.’ Unforgiven ($102m/$159m in 1992) have earned money domestically.

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This list also includes Universal’s A Beautiful Mind ($170m/$313m in 2001) and Miramax’s Chicago ($170m/$306m in Lionsgate’s Crash ($54m/$98m in 2005)  and Warner Bros.’ Argo ($136m/$232m in 2012). Even Green Book, starring Viggo Mortensen and Mahershala Ali, has struck a chord even in China where people are an uplighting racial melodrama. This has also proven that the movie has attracted the hearts of the crowd there as much it has been here. The feedback of the movie from China is enough to make us realize the Chinese audience and critics have genuinely fallen for the movie.

Its $17m opening weekend which has marked the movie as the second-biggest Best Picture Oscar winner in China behind only Titanic ($43m, counting the reissues).It is also worth noticing that Argo is the only best picture winner to gross about 100 million dollars sincde academy over to a preferential ballot system. Argo is the only such second film along with The King’s Speech ($141m/$414m in 2010). This is to do so since the Academy reacted to the arguable snubbing of The Dark Knight with an expansion of the number of Best Picture nominees. But may be by coincides there has been since many years when the pictures are not grossing well. Since last decade movies are running very low in gross and Best Pictures winner.

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