Grantchester Season 5: Here’s Everything You Need To Know

                     Here we have described about the future of everyone’s favorite show which was about the crime-fighting clergyman. While the season 4 of Grantchester which got aired months back in the U.K. It is only making premiere in the States this weekend. The fans of the Masterpiece PBS series are already curious about a fact. That fact is whether or not they can expect which is already the story of a crime-fighting clergyman to continue. Here is everything that we know so far about season five.

Masterpiece PBS Officially Announced Plans For The Season 5 on Thursday

When we talk about the things in the earlier 2019. Tom Brittney, who plays the role of a clergyman William Davenport. It is the new character in season 4 which revealed that there was a great desire to make great seasons of Grantchester if it was possible at all. He told Metro that they definitely want to go again. He continues saying that this is a show that could keep going on forever in away.

And then in the last week, Masterpiece PBS has shared the news that the show has officially been the greenlit for a fifth go-around.

Some Major Casting Changes-When show Comes back for a Season 5

Brittney also has given information regarding the major shift in the Grantchester universe which moves forward. It is the departure of one of the main character of the show i.e. Sidney Chambers. The role of the character was played by James Norton.

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This has become obvious after the release of the season 4 of the show that the loss of the character which is the leading character of the show so far, is definitely going to make a lot decline in the success of the show. James is not playing in this season 5 of the Grantchester show.  Though the absence of James would destroy the show there is also a point that makes us really confident and it is that people loved the show for some reasons which are present in season 5.

He continued saying that he would consider himself lucky if he could work in the season 5 of Grantchester show. Norton will appear for a short while in season 4 but it can be seen that he will not be involved in the next season.

Season 5 will come in the U.K. before airing in the U.S.

Yes, this is the right news. It is the same which is revealed yet so far. But still, nothing has made to set in stone regarding this point. For now, you have to just tune yourself to Grantchester Sunday nights from 8p.m./9p.m. which is in the central Masterpiece of PBS.

Robson Green and Tom Brittney will be returning in lead in the cast as DI Georgie Keating and Will Davenport respectively.

Tom Brittney have replaced star James Norton in the previous series of the ITV hit.

Green and Brittney are the only confirmed ones for Grantchester season five. The other cast members who are expected to return include the names as  Mrs. Chapman (played by Tessa Peake-Jones), Leonard Finch (Al Weaver) and Cathy Keating (Kacey Ainsworth).

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