Google Pixel Slate vs iPad Pro: Which One Is Better?

 If you are looking for a premium tablet this Cyber Monday sale, then you have only two options probably. Apple iPad pro and Google pixel slate are the two premium tablets in the market at the moment. So which one should you buy? To clear your confusion we are going to compare Apple iPad pro and Google pixel slate.

Most people would blindly go for Apple iPad pro without even comparing it with Google pixel slate. However, before buying we should always compare to get the best outcome. Both the devices are extremely sharp and powerful so which one should you go for?

Apple iPad Pro vs Google Pixel Slate

We kept both the device side by side and compared them to make sure that the review is perfect.

1. Looks and Feel

The 12.9-inches tablets are almost identical in look and feel. The display seems almost the same and gives a premium feel. The devices are built keeping in mind the use of its screen as a Netflix theatre. Pixel slate has a 2000×3000 screen resolution, which is 293 pixel per inch of the screen. Whereas, iPad pro has 291 pixels per inch of the screen. Thus Google device has a more sharp and crisp display.

Both devices lack an integrated kickstand, hence you have to buy the keyboard separately. Pixel slate and iPad pro differ in the aspect ratio. iPad on one has a 4:3 aspect ratio while the pixel slate has, on the other hand, has a 3:2 aspect ratio screen. This means iPad is more like a square-shaped page which will give better viewing angles.

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2. Performance

The Google pixel slate is powered by Chrome OS whereas iPad pro is powered by iOS 12. Both the software are mobile-centric and does not have any difference in terms of multitasking and others. Therefore it’s up to you that which software are you comfortable with.

Apple comes with a powerful 4GB ram, 64GB storage and A10x chipset with a 64-bit architecture. The specifications are good enough for an $899 device. Google pixel slate comes with a base specification including a 4GB ram, 32GB storage, and Intel Celeron processor. The Intel Celeron is found in most chrome book and is not as powerful as Apple’s A10X chipset.

The Google pixel slate supports a mouse and iPad doesn’t. Both the devices come with an option of a light pen at $99. The lightpen experience is same on both devices in terms of drawing and surfing across the browsers.

3. Portability

The dimensions of Google Pixel Slate is a bit smaller than iPad pro. Thus it is much easier to carry. The only problem with both the devices are that they are not at all handy. Therefore you have to manually select which fits your hands better.

Coming to the battery, Google claims a 12 hours usage time. However, in our comparison of Google pixel slate vs Apple iPad pro, we found that the iPad lasts for 10 hours which is decent enough. It is an old observation that iOS has a very good standby time. Whereas Chrome books often lack this.

The pixel slate lacks a headphone jack but has Powerful speakers. You will need a Bluetooth headset with pixel slate.

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Google Pixel Slate vs Apple iPad Pro: Which one should you buy?

Pixel slate starts at $599 whereas iPad pro costs $899. If budget is not a concern for you, we will strongly recommend you to go for the Apple iPad Pro. The specifications of Google pixel is very basic compared to the price. But there is not much user experience difference on both devices. Thus, at the end of the day, it is a selection between the OS you are comfortable with.

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