Apple’s New iPad Pro, MacBook Air and Mac Mini Features, Specifications, And Price!

        Apple is back and unveiled some new products in the market which wasn’t surprising at all because the CEO, Tim Cook already indicated that. You all should know that the company understands the competition and they are trying to make sure that they make their own impact. As you all may know that Apple has launched the iPhone XS, XS Max and XR, last month and now they are back in just one month with some amazing new products. Here, we are talking about the new iPad Pro, MacBook Air, and Mac Mini.

Apple’s new iPad Pro Features, Specifications & Price-

The new iPad Pro is really a pro because it is 5.9 mm thinner and around 15% slimmer than its predecessor. One thing you all should know that the new iPad Pro doesn’t support a headphone jack or Home button. You’ll need to swipe certain spots on the screen to get back to previous pages. Still, the looks, features, and some experimental innovations are pretty nice. Even, you can get an edge-to edge-display and rounded corners.

Some other highlighted features of iPad pro are that it can support Face ID and USB-C type charger which is a good movie. As you all may already know that Apple’s iPhone is still coming up with the old charger. One of the good features is that it can be connected to the monitors up to 5K to turn into a workstation which is quite good. The best feature is that it can charge your iPhone, or you can use it as your own personal power bank. Now, if we talk about the price range then you all can get the new iPad Pro with 11 inches at $799, and 12.9-inches could come at $999.

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Apple’s new MacBook Air Features, Specifications & Price-

Now, if we talk about the new MacBook Air Pro then we can say that it starts with $1199 whooping price and it could go up too. While launching the product the Cook said, “When Steve [Jobs] pulled that MacBook Air out of that envelope, it was clear things would never be the same.” Also, he added, “The MacBook Air’s incredibly thin design not only influenced the Mac line… it changed the industry.” You all should know that the CEO of the company has the innovation that will be keep on coming.

Also, the company is claiming that the Apple MacBook Air is 25% lighter than its previous reiteration, now weighing in at 2.75 pounds. The familiar aluminum bezel has been removed for a sleeker border and you all can say that the company is claiming that they have used 100% recycled aluminum to help reduce the computer’s carbon footprint by 50%, according to Apple. The company is trying to look like the eco-friendly for the environment which is a good movie.

Overall, the new MacBook Air comes with the 13.3-inch notebook features a more responsive keyboard. The best thing is that the company has updated the new addition of Touch ID for increased security. Even though Apple is moving away from the feature on its flagship iPhones in favor of Face ID, but in MacBook Air, they kept it which is quite funny.

Apple’s new Mac Mini Features,  and Price-

In the end, Apple has launched a new Mac Mini and it was the first update of actual Mac Mini after four Years. Even though, we don’t think that the product is that good because it is quite similar and to the last model. You all should know that it comes at $799 and you’ll get a quad-core Intel processor with an option to upgrade to a six-core version.  Also, it features four USB-C Thunderbolt 3 ports and HDMI. The company is claiming that it is five times faster than the actual previous model.

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