Google Discontinues Budget Google Pixel Slate Lineup

Google Discontinues Budget Google Pixel Slate Lineup

               Google Pixel Slate: Google has finally decided to shut down the budget line of the series of Google pixel slate. The move comes in after the products were out of stock for almost 2 months. The Slate devices are exclusive to the Google stop and can be purchased only from that website. It has been noticed that the budget line Google pixel Slate was out of stock for almost two months now. Moreover, Google has gone a step ahead and has been elected the budget lineup of this device from the Google store.

The move was taken by the company clearly shows that the plans of shutting down the budget line up have finally been executed. It isn’t a shock for most users because we already knew that such a step was coming. Google pixel Slate devices were not well received by the customers and were not well reputed in the market.

Budget Google Pixel Slate Is No Longer Available

The lower model of Google Pixel Slate with a price tag of $599 and $699 has been discontinued. The Celeron powered Google devices were not well received by the market. They were a cheap alternative to the iPads. However, users don’t like the Chrome OS used on the device. Many reviews suggested that the device was quite laggy and the user experience was miserable. This was practical because of the integration of Celeron.

The advantage of Google pixel Slate was that it had an excellent build quality and good performing hardware. It also had a fingerprint sensor embedded in the power button of the device. Hence, one could unlock the device simply by tapping on the power button once. Besides, the keyboard as a series which came along with the device gained a lot of popularity because of its amazing design. It was made in such a way that the users could adjust the screen at any angle. Hence, the various angles facilitated watching movies and TV shows while doing anything.

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High-End Models Are Still Available

We noticed that Google has removed only two low range devices from the Google Store. The highest model of Google pixel slate is still available on the Google store. It has a 12.3 inches high molecular display with 293 pixels per inch. The hardware specification was quite good as the device was powered by the 8th generation Intel i7 processor and 16GB Ram. 8MP cameras are available on both sides of the device and a capable of capturing decent pictures in HD mode.

It also has a USB type c charging port and a huge 48Wh battery. It is available on the Google Store for $799. The two speakers present on the front side of the device makes it quite loud. Therefore, you can buy the device by paying $799. The lower variants have been discontinued by the company.

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