Gamescom 2019: Here’s Everything About It’s Press Conference Schedule

Gamescom 2019: Here’s Everything About It’s Press Conference Schedule

                 Gamescom 2019 Press Conference Schedule: Gamescom is a grand event or a trade fair for video games which is held every year in Cologne, Germany. Gamescom is considered to be the world’s largest gaming event, which comprises of about 370,000 visitors as well as 1037 exhibitors from a total of 56 countries who come here to attend the show in the year 2018 as well as the biggest gaming news expo of the year internationally.

There are many different publishers who offer visitors an opportunity in order to try out their most recent projects on the showroom floor. Big popular companies such as Nintendo, Microsoft, and Google, on the other hand, is all set to kick off the show a day prior by holding some press conferences of their own, something which a game lover don’t want to miss.

When is Gamescom 2019 and its Press Conference Schedule?

Gamescom 2019 is going to be held from August 20 to 24 August. Geoff Keighley has also declared that he is going to help the launch a dedicated video game declaration show previous to Gamescom, called “Gamescom: Opening Night Live”.

After getting inspired by the reaction to The Game Awards presentation that comprises of various different new game declarations, Keighley also wanted to do the same for Gamescom. The event is all set to be streamed on 19 August at 8:00 pm (CEST).

On the other hand, the day is for press and trade visitors only but you don’t have to worry as the members of the public can get in from the day after, Wednesday, August 21. The last show day of the event is going to held Saturday, August 24.

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Gamescom: Opening Night Live

Before the show kick-off, Google is going to host its next Stadia Connect presentation, which claims to present “brand-new trailers” along with behind-the-scenes chats with partner developers. Soon after this, Microsoft is also going to be holding an Inside Xbox presentation for “nearly a dozen” new trailers as well as other “big news.”

After this, the event is then formally going to start with Gamescom: Opening Night Live. This presentation is going to be hosted by none other than Geoff Keighley and will comprise of “announcements from major game publishers and independent developers, world premieres of new game footage and special guest appearances from the stars of the gaming industry.”

Previous year in Gamescom 2018, one of the most notable events held there aws Nvidia announcing the GeForce RTX 20 Series at the Palladium Cologne on 20 August 2018.

This year in 2019, Gamescom is going to celebrate its 10th anniversary. There are more than 370,000 people from around the world who attend the event every single year, which makes it one of the world’s biggest gaming conventions.

Gamescom 2019 Press Conference

Gamescom is same as the E3 as there is slight difference between them, it doesn’t generally offer a ton of AAA game declarations, but it’s still a best opportunity to see approaching games in action as well as to learn more about the gaming hardware which is arriving in the future. Well, if you are very much eager to check out all the presentations, then you are at right place as we are providing you all such details regarding Gamescom 2019 Press Conference. Here is the date and time of the Gamescom 2019 Press Conference which is as follows: 

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Nintendo Gamescom Indies Showcase

Date: 19th August 2019







Inside Xbox Press Conference

Date: 19th August 2019



12 PM ET


2 AM AEST (August 20)


Stadia Connect Press Conference

Date: 19th August 2019


10 AM PT



3 AM AEST (August 20)


Gamescom Opening Night Live

Date: 19th August 2019


11 AM PT



4 AM AEST (August 20)

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