Fortnite Season 9, Week 9 Challenge: Here Is How To Visit The Solar Arrays

               Fortnite Season 9: The 9th-week challenge of fortnite Season 9 is here and it is very easy for the users to complete it. People have already started thinking about the fortnite season 10 and the season 9 week 9 challenges seem to be a bit of break. The only difficult thing in the week 9 challenge is is visiting the solar array panel in various biomes located throughout the game.

It is quite easy for a regular fortnite user for locating the spots. You might know the places where you have to go if you play the game regularly. However, you don’t have to worry in case you don’t know where to go and find the array. We have found them out and have listed done below so that you can go and get them and complete the ninth challenge of season 9.

Fortnite Season 9 Week 9 Challenge

The week 9 challenges have been divided into three parts. You will have to go to different arrays in order to complete one part of the challenge. You how to visit more than one solar array but you need not do it in separate matches and you can definitely get it done in the first attempt itself.

The arrays are located far apart and this may be the reason why you would need more than one match to complete this task. Simply go through the guide given below in order to complete the week 9 challenges by collecting and visiting all the solar arrays.

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How to visit different Solar Array?

  • The solar array located in the snow can be found near the frosty flights. You can also find them on the map, once you have landed.
  • The one located in the desert is found near west of Paradise palm, just in front of the mansion on the east side of the map.
  • Final array is located in the jungle and can be found Northwest of Sunny steps and east of Lazy Lagoon. It can be found on the map as well as it is hard to miss.

Once you have located all the solar arrays, you can simply quit the game or just return to the normal game by exiting the challenge. You will be closer to finishing the list of week 9 challenges, once this step has been followed. The player must check out the complete list of fortnite week 9 challenges in order to Mark them all.

There will be very little things to do after completing this major chunk of work. locating the solar arrays is the major task which you have to complete in the week 9 challenge. Other tasks are quite simple compared to the other challenges that we have seen in fortnite season 9 so far. So simply go through the steps and complete the week 9 challenges as soon as possible.

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