Fortnite Giant Rubber Duck Location: Where To Find The Umbrellas And Duck?

                  The fortnite 14 days summer challenge is live. It is the latest challenge which provides a daily activity to the players. As of now, there have been tasks including those to find out the giant beach balls and unicorn floaties. However, the latest challenge is the best tricky and all the users might not be familiar with the location of the task provided.

This challenge requires the player to go to the giant duck and the umbrella at the beach in the same give. It sounds quite easy and achievable. However, the track here is that the duck keeps on moving in the water body.

The moving location of the dark is what creates trouble to plot it on the map. However, it must be noted that the rubber ducky is confined to the river that runs south of the Loot lake and beside Neo Tilted and shifty shafts. This limits the search zone for the duck and it gives a hint that it can be done easily.

The beach umbrellas are placed at fix locations and this makes them easily accessible. It is worth mentioning that there are six locations where you will find the umbrellas. The locations are scattered across the fortnite Battle island.

There is a beach umbrella in the lazy Lagoon, Southwest of the pleasant park, west of the lonely lodge, west of dusty divot, Northwest of Paradise Palms and south-west of salty springs. The 2 out of the 6 umbrellas are located at a proximal distance from the rubber duck, making it easier to complete the challenge. However, you must know that this is a hot zone and it means that the players will compete against each other in order to complete the challenge.

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The fortnite players will have to go to the duck and all the other six locations in a single game. Hence, you will have to complete the entire activity by visiting the locations without dying in a single match itself. If you die in between, you will have to to start the match from the beginning and revisit all the locations. The task is really simple and you just have to make out how to reach and complete the challenge as soon as possible. You must make sure that you do not die in the course of finding the location.

The rubber duck appeared on the island before this challenge was started. The players discovered that it can take the damage. In simple words, it cannot be killed using simple means and many people are of the opinion that the duck will mark the end of the activities. We all are already aware of the fact that the fortnite season night week 9 challenges are already out and hence, this might not be surprising.

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