‘Fortnite’ Fortbyte #67 Location And Here Are The Steps To Claim It

'Fortnite' Fortbyte #67 Location And Here Are The Steps To Claim It

                Another fortnite challenge has come to the surface and it can be undertaken for getting the new reward. So what is the new reward for today’s challenge? Well, you will get Fortbyte 67. The player has to show his glider skills and has to go down a number of rings in order to snack the latest Fortbyte. Hence, we have come up with a small guide to help you and get the latest Fortbyte 67.

The latest fortnite challenge which came on June 30th requires the user to unlock Fortbyte 67. This can be done by breaking out the retaliator glider and flight through the series of rings which is present under southernmost sky platforms. The Sky platform can be easily seen in the air between the salty springs and fields.

The players will need some height and they must dive in this location. Once the player has reached this location, he can spot the sky platform. You will find brightly coloured triangle rings. This is where the gliders will come into play. Their R4 triangle rings in total and you must go through these used in the gliders in order to complete the mission. You will spot the Fortbyte as soon as you come out of the third ring and enter the fourth ring.

The Fortbyte will be present in the centre of the fourth triangle ring and you can claim it by flying through it. Upon completing this task, you will have the latest reward for this activity. Similarly, you can claim all other results in different events. Fortnite season 9 is really interesting and new reward system introduced makes it more fun.

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Fortnite season 9 has become very popular love and you can play them on different platforms like Xbox One, PlayStation, Android and others. There a lot of weekly challenges which have been introduced in the new season of the game. Similarly, the Fortbyte challenges introduced for the first time in season 9, is really amazing.

There a lot of rewards available in the weekly challenge as well as Fortbyte challenge. They are located in special places on the map and you will have to explore it in order to find all the rewards. However, the reports are located at the same place on the map for everyone. We have already found out most of them and we have also shared the locations so that you can get them easily.

You can go through the Fortbyte cheats guide to find them out without putting in the extra effort. The June 30 challenge is very easy and all you have to do is use your gliding skills to pass through the triangle rings. Once you go through the 4th triangle ring, you will find the Fortbyte and you will be able to collect it.

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