Evie Launcher vs Nova Launcher: Which Is The Best Android Launcher?

Evie Launcher vs Nova Launcher: Which Is The Best Android Launcher?

              Best Android Launcher; Evie Launcher vs Nova Launcher: Android smartphones are mostly famous because of the capability of customization. The Android users have an upper hand compared to any other operating system when it comes to beautification and modification. Android launchers are a perfect example. It helps in giving a completely new look to the device and modify the theme and app icons. Nova launcher and Evie Launcher are among the most popular Android launchers. However, most people of intent to get confused between these two launchers. Hence, we have compared Evie Launcher vs Nova Launcher to find out the best Android launcher of all time.

Which Is Best Android Launcher: Evie Launcher vs Nova Launcher

Home screen

Both the Android launchers allow users to customize the home screen to a great extent. However, both of them are slightly different from each other if we take into consideration the amount of customization they allow. Evie Launcher allows you to customize the app size, icons, wallpapers, and the entire background. You can also add or remove the search bar from the home screen.

Nova is equipped with even more features. It clear leaf divides the customization sections in the application. From layout to app icons to themes, Nova Launcher for has got it all for you. Not only can you add or delete the search bar but you can customise the way it is added to the home screen. The page and dock setting allow you to customise the specific areas of your choice.

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Evie has a dedicated setting for the dock part, while, Nova Launcher has combined it in the home screen section itself. Both the launches allow you to change the app icon size and transparency. Nova Launcher goes beyond these and allows the users to even customise the app icon looks and style. You are also given the freedom to select any solid colour for the dock or make it completely transparent.


In our comparison of Evie Launcher vs Nova Launcher, we also found out the aspects of customisation in the folder menu. Both evil and Nova allows normal apps customisation and change of icon size and colour. You can also change the size and transparency of the folders. Both roughly the same features when it comes to the folder. However, Nova Launcher still has an edge because of the different transparency and solid colour features available for the folders as well.


Both the launches have a number of gesture options available in the settings. You can select swipe up, swipe sown gestures, pinch, double tap, flicks. Evie takes the lead here. This is not because it offers some new features but because of the fact that it is completely free to use. Nova launcher is not completely free to use and gesture are a part of the premium pack which has to be purchased. This is one of the major downsides of the Nova Launcher. However, you can still get all the features without paying a single rupees by simply downloading the Nova Mod APK on your Android device.

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Evie Launcher vs Nova Launcher: Conclusion

In our comparison of Evie Launcher vs Nova Launcher, we found out that Nova Launcher still remains an undisputed winner. It has been the best Android launcher since yours. However, we must say that Evie launcher has given a very tough competition for Nova and has come very close to it. Another factor that plays an important role is that Nova Launcher is not completely free to use and it has several restrictions for the free version. So if you don’t want to download a mod version or pay for it, consider using Evie.

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