Escape Room 6th Day Box Office Collection; First Week Collection Is Amazing!

Escape Room box office collection

    Previous Friday we have seen a very unique kind of picture film “Escape Room”. The movie is doing very fine business at the box office and it made amazing bucks for the makers. Escape Room box office collection reports earnings and income reports are looking very good. We think that the “Escape Room” is going to make amazing bucks for the makers. Also, the production and directional work are quite good in the movie.

You all should know that it is a Psy-thriller movie with a twisted plot. We think that Sony’s Escape Room is surprisingly good and playing like a skewed “Saw for kids” that emphasized traps. We think that the phycological melodrama over gore and carnage is going to make enough bucks for the makers. You all should know that Adam Robitel’s directional work “Escape Room” is made of $9 million-budget and it made around a solid $18m from the first week of release.

Escape Room Box Office Collection-

Yes! The profit is double in the very second week of release. The makers are happy, the viewers are happy, and most importantly the critics are appreciating it. The exciting fact about “Escape Room” is that it made amazing bucks for the makers when the expectations were lower and the other pre-releases were doing fine business too. Also, the surprising review of variety is enough to make you all amazed which is “Wow… that was surprisingly not awful!”

The movie is quite good and the viewers are quite in love with it. Escape Room, which is as much a psychological thriller as a horror movie is making everyone happy. You all should know that it was so good, in fact, that I honestly think Sony should have screened it for critics because it is a good movie. It is surprising about this film as it turns out to be quite enjoyable and entertaining. We think that it is a must watch ride and you all can enjoy it with your friends and family.

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Escape Room First Week Earnings, & Income-

As you all might know that the competition is quite high. Some of you might know that the only new release How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World is doing good business. Some of you might know that it is a DWA trilogy which has more fans than any other animation film. Also, the Aquaman is still running solid and would make fine bucks for the makers. The animated sequel earned $5.3 million in two territories, namely $4.7m in Australia and $500k in New Zealand.

We think that the movie “Escape Room” is going to have a stiff competition in the upcoming days. Even though the movie has made amazing bucks for the makers and it will make you all amazed. It’ll open over the next week in Indonesia, Norway, Mongolia, and Lebanon along with other Middle Eastern and U.A.E. The movie is good and the production work is fine in the movie. We think that it will make amazing bucks in upcoming days too.

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