Download Es File Explorer APK Latest Version: The Best File Manager

Download Es File Explorer APK Latest Version: The Best File Manager

   File managers are very important in smartphones to manage different kinds of files and documents. They make our day to day work easier. Nowadays, everything is going online and people have to store different kinds of the document on their phone. Similarly, students have to download and keep that notes and projects on their smartphone. However, the number of documents and files on your smartphone gets hard to manage. Hence, you need a powerful File Manager to cheap all files in place. One search file manager is ES File Explorer. Below are the steps to download the ES file explorer apk on your smartphone.

All the existing smartphones come with an inbuilt file manager. However, these file managers are not really convenient and lack many features. Hence, most people have to consider downloading a third party file manager application to manage and arrange their files and documents smartly. When it comes to smart management of files and documents, ES File Explorer is the most heard name. It is listed as the best File Manager app on the Google Play Store. Moreover, this is a utility application which people download on their smartphone, as soon as they buy it.

Es File Explorer APK: The best file manager

ES File Explorer APK is one of the most trusted file manager application, used by people across the world. No other phone’s file manager can beat it in terms of a number of users. Millions of people download and you it on a regular basis. The apk file has an inbuilt music player which helps you to play songs without switching the application. You can clear the RAM, using the memory booster tool. Moreover, the application is not enough to locate duplicate files and delete it. The size of APK is small and you can download it directly on your smartphone using the below-mentioned steps.

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Features of Es File Explorer Apk

  • ES File Explorer is the best file manager application in the market right now. The best part is that you can download it absolutely free of cost.
  • Additionally, only sections have been divided under the specific subheading. Hence, you can find all the documents at one place arranged document vice. PDF, word files, presentations all are separated under specific subheadings.
  • There is also an option to delete duplicate files all at once.
  • you can select and move the files from one folder to another
  • one of the best things in this application is that it has an internal memory releasing tool. This helps to clear the junk files on your device efficiently.
  • Moreover, there is an option to merge files.
  • Unlike more other file manager applications, ES File Explorer APK does not show any advertisements to the users.
  • You can sort file depending upon the size and document type.
  • The inbuilt player can run both songs and videos.

Download Es File Explorer Apk

Downloading ES File Explorer is very simple on Android smartphones. There are two ways to download the smart file manager on your device. Either you can directly download it from the Google Play Store or if your face in any problem you can download the apk file using the below-mentioned steps.

  • Visit the official ES File Explorer website
  • there you’ll find the latest version of ES File Explorer APK
  • download this file on your smartphone
  • now go to the settings on your device and enable trust unknown sources option
  • now go back to the downloads folder and install the ES File Explorer on your device.
  • Once installed,  the new file manager will be ready to take over your existing manager. Hence, you can disable the other file manager.
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