Dell XPS 15 vs Asus ZenBook 15: Which Is Better? Detailed Comparison!

   Notebooks are becoming relatively famous as laptops nowadays. Dell has remained the market leader when it comes to the notebook. Asus is now trying to challenge Dell notebooks by its new ZenBook series. Asus ZenBook 15 is the latest model in the Zenbook series. Whereas, Dell XPS 15 is the latest notebook model by Dell. But the question is, which among the two devices is better, powerful, and Economical? To find this out we have compared Dell XPS 15 vs Asus zenbook 15. No doubt, Dell notebooks have remained the choice of most people and recent years. Let’s find out if ZenBook can take over the notebook.

Dell XPS 15 vs Asus ZenBook 15

1. Design

Both XPS 15 and zenbook 15 have a very thin bezel display. This gives them a unique look and amazing body to screen ratio. Dell XPS 15 has a platinum-silver finish, which gives it a premium look. Moreover, The carbon interior is perfect in terms of handling and maintenance. The only drawback is the designing segment is that the camera is placed at the bottom, which makes the viewing angle a bit strange. On the other hand, zenbook 15 comes in a deep blue color, which is enough to gather everyone’s attention. The silver coloured Asus logo on the top gives it a premium look. Both the devices have approximately symbol and thickness. The front camera of the zenbook 15 is placed on the top, unlike Notebook. However, the bezel is thicker because of the camera. The interactive touchpad of Asus zenbook 15 gives it an upper hand compared to the Dell notebook 15. It also packs some amazing features.

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2. Display

Both the devices have the same display specifications when compared on paper. However, going deep into the comparison we found out that the screen of zenbook 15 was glossier compared to the screen of notebook 15. While notebook 15 was able to produce much darker shadows And Black pictures. In our gamut test Dell 15, won by a significant percentage. Moreover, both are capable of running 4K Ultra HD videos.

3. Performance

The Asus zenbook 15 is powered by 8th generation Intel quad-core i7 CPU with 15wart parts. On the other hand, Dell notebook 15 is powered by 8th generation Intel Core i7 processor with 45-watt parts. Even though zenbook’s processor is faster, it fails to compete for the powerful performance of Dell notebook 15. This is mainly due to the difference in the graphic card. The Dell notebook 15 packs GTX 1050 to Max Q GPU, whereas, zenbook 15 packs GTX 1050 Max Q.

4. Storage & battery

In terms of storage speed, Zenbook 15 takes a huge leap compared to the slow disc writing speed of XPS 15. However, Dell outperformed Zenbook in data reading speed. Coming to battery life, Zenbook has a 56-watt-hours battery, whereas, XPS has 97-watt-hours battery. Hence, Dell XPS 15 wins once again. Both the devices are able to give a fair battery output. However, XPS 15 takes a lead.

5. Pricing

At $1400, you will get the i7 version of the Asus zenbook 15, along with a 16GB Ram and 512 GB storage space. This version does not support the 4K display. Dell XPS 15 is quite expensive compared to zenbook. It cost around $1700 for i7, 16GB Ram version with 512 GB of storage. You have to pay a little extra for enabling the 4K feature on the device.

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Dell XPS 15 vs Asus ZenBook 15: Conclusion

In our comparison of Dell XPS 15 vs ZenBook 15, Notebook 15 was able to outperform zenbook in almost every category. However, if you are looking for the cheapest one, Asus zenbook is more affordable. The features are Moana bless him on people for both the devices. However, we found some significant difference and display and performance while testing them. Hence, if budget is not a concern for you, Dell XPS 15 as a perfect choice.

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