Canon vs Nikon: Which Is The Best Camera Maker?

Canon vs Nikon: Which Is The Best Camera Maker?

                 Canon vs Nikon: Just like Superman vs Batman, plastic vs Paper, Canon vs Nikon remains one of the most popular debates in terms of photography. Both Canon and Nikon are absolutely famous for manufacturing cameras and DSLRs. But veg among the both is a better manufacturer of cameras? This is a debatable topic and we will have to go into details in order to find out the answer to this question. Nikon and Canon are probably the first names that come in your mind when you think about buying a camera. So let’s find out the most effective one.

Canon vs Nikon: Which is the Better Option?


Canon was launched back in 1933 and it trademarked its name one year later. It produced the first camera in 1934. Canon is also known for various things which are first in the category. For instance, the flip flash technology was also first introduced by canon. Hence, Canon is one of the oldest and most consistent Players in the industry.

On the other hand, Nikon is the oldest firm which has celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2017. Even after being the older one, Nikon doesn’t have the crown of making the first camera. It started as a lens manufacturing company which soon started making lenses and focused mirror. You will be surprised to know that Nikon made lenses for Canon camera as well. Soon, it started manufacturing cameras and became very popular. Nikon F-series played a big role in shaping the brand name and image. Now, Nikon is into diversified Businesses. Besides cameras, it makes various medical equipment too.

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Canon is a leading and innovative company. It has remained in the list of top 5 most patent filing companies. The biggest thing is that Canon has remained in this list for 32 years in a row. These patents are later used as Features in various DSLRs and Mirrorless Cameras. Dual Pixels, split pixels are some of the amazing features which are now included in various models.

Nikon is not in the list of record patent filing companies. However, it has remained an innovative and high-risk taker throughout its journey. There are many features which are incorporated in Nikon Cameras even after there is a high risk of sale drop. For instance, Canon rarely introduced the video mode in its still camera. This is because of the fact that canon believed that it would harm its own sale by doing this.


Both Nikon and Canon has a wide range of lenses available for different kinds of photography. They have a diversified portfolio in terms of lenses. Hence, there is not much difference between both the companies in these terms. Nikon had started their company by making camera lenses and they have a high degree specialization in making lenses. However, the end product of both Canon and Nikon feels the same.


Pricing is perhaps one of the most important parameters to compare canon vs Nikon. The price difference varies based on the type of camera you are looking for. Currently, Nikon has the cheapest DSLR in the market which will cost you $500. The DSLR is accompanied by a lens kit. On the other hand, the starting range of Canon DSLR is $750. However, the justification of the higher price comes with additional features that you get with canon. For instance, you get an additional 4K recording feature with Canon DSLR.

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Canon vs Nikon: Conclusion

In our comparison of Canon vs Nikon, we found out that there is little or no difference between the products of both the companies. Both Nikon and Canon are equally amazing in terms of manufacturing cameras. Choosing the best one depends upon the features and type of lenses you want.

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