Zendesk vs Freshdesk: Which Is The Best Customer Service Software?

                  Zendesk vs Freshdesk: With the world going online, businesses have also become digital. There a lot of aspects of online business is included in marketing and promotion. However, the most important factor for an online business is customer service. everybody is familiar with the reports that suggest that business is having better customer service are likely to flourish. Zendesk and freshdesk are probably the two names which come in mind while thinking about customer service. But choosing between two is quite difficult. Hence, we have compared Zendesk vs Freshdesk to find out the best customer service software for your business.

Zendesk vs Freshdesk


Pricing and very important as you have to look for profitability and business by minimizing the output cost. Zendesk support package costs anywhere around $5 to $199 per annum. Zendesk suit is available for $89/month. There is an individual service plan which will charge you around $29 per Agent.

On the other hand, freshdesk has an option which gives you free service in case of startups. However, the package of the service has been divided into 5 different categories. The pricing for your business world dependent on the kind of service that you are looking for. Generally, it is a common observation that zendesk is cheaper.

Ticket Organisation

Organising that takes his very important to minimise the risk of confusion. Both the softwares have a dedicated filter tool which helps you in categorising the tickets according to the date and other parameters. Zendesk has a more detailed interface for tickets which helps in weaving every single information that a ticket has. Similarly, freshdesk also offers a dedicated search tool for reaching a particular ticket. However, the general feedback from the business suggests that zendesk has an upper hand when it comes to ticket management.

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Live Chat

Live chat is another very important feature that is found on modern day websites. It is a very effective way to solve all the issues of the customers quickly. Freshdesk has a live chat service named fresh chat. The user interface of this live chat application is really good and it seems to be attractive. The software also has the capacity of converting the life charts and to take it’s so that the issue is resolved later. You can also check the history of life chart and get the contact details of the customers if required in the future.

However, zendesk doesn’t have a very appealing live chat option. It isn’t as attractive as fresh chat. However, it does have all the basic information of the customer and the history of life charts which have been addressing. Overall, live chat management is better suited to the freshdesk application because of its appealing interface.


There is nothing to compare much on this parameter because both zendesk and freshdesk offer a wide variety of languages. From Hindi to English to other prominent languages used across the world, everything is available on both the Global customer service softwares. Therefore, it is a draw between both the softwares in terms of language support. The complete list of languages supported is available on the respective websites.

Zendesk vs Freshdesk: Conclusion

In our comparison of Zendesk vs Freshdesk, we found out that zendesk has an upper hand over freshdesk. The main reason behind selecting zendesk is the capability of organising the data in a proper manner which is very helpful for future reference. The ticket support service is also better organised on this zendesk software. You can easily find the text and reply to them. Overall, the customer service of zendesk is better than freshdesk and therefore, it is the winner and this battle.

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