Call Of Duty Warzone: Release Date, Gameplay And Battle Royal Twist

Call of duty Warzone is an upcoming RPG game. It is quite similar to the existing games like Fortnite and apex legends. All these games are basically the battle royale war zones. The new Warzone is going to become very popular because people have been waiting for it for a long time. Moreover, the game is going to have a lot of new features and changes compared to the existing battle royale RPG games.

The new model has got a massive response from the players across the world. According to Activision, more than 6 million people played the game within 24 hours of release. The numbers increased multi-folds when we talk about the base in the last 10 days. The game has already been played by more than 30 million players across the world in the first 10 days of release.


The game is available on all the platforms like PC, Xbox, and PS4. The Xbox users must have an Xbox Live subscription in order to get the updated game. Similarly, PC users must have a account in order to play the game. However, it is not mandatory for the PS4 owners to have a PS Plus subscription.

Call of Duty Warzone Release Date

Call of Duty warzone mode is already available for those people who had Call of duty modern warfare. These people were allowed to download the update on Tuesday. The file size was roughly 15-22GB. Those who did not get the update must reset their console and

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People who did not have Call of duty modern warfare already installed, able to download the game of the 12 pm on Tuesday. However, the file size was extremely big for non-owners. The size was up to 100GB. There is a content which has to be unlocked by the non-owners. This would be helpful when the player decides to purchase the entire game in the future. It is especially for those who will be playing the multiplayer mode.

Battle Royal Mode

The battle royale mode works on the same principle of surviving till the end. There are 150 players initially in the warzone. Players are dropped from a plane on a huge map and they initially do not have any other weapons except handguns. Hence, the players have to search for the resources and weapons in order to survive.

Moreover, it also has a safe zone like other battle royale games which marks the area where the health will not be destroyed. Those who are able to combat and survive till the end of the game are declared as given as the winners.

A battle royal twist

There exist a new concept of gulags. This is a place where the player is taken after he dies. Here he has to combat one versus one with the players who have also died. The one who wins the one versus one game can go back to the match.

Use Money

Users can use the money to buy different items from the buy stations. It is going to be an extremely important feature in the game. Players can but tokens, kits and whatnot.

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