Top 8 Best Kodi Skins 2019 For Awesome Kodi Experience!

Top 8 Best Kodi Skins 2019 For Awesome Kodi Experience!

               Best Kodi Skins: Kodi is a free and open-source media player software application where you can run the content on any device of your preference, comprising your TV, laptop, phone, tablet as well as others. If you are from those ones who like TV shows and movies, then you much have heard of Kodi. Kodi is considered to be one of the software to stream movies as well as shows on multiple devices.

You can also run Kodi on your Raspberry Pi. It is accessible for various operating systems as well as hardware platforms, with a software 10-foot user interface for use with televisions as well as remote controls. It let you access all kinds of content, which mainly comprises of videos and music. This software application has been developed by the XBMC Foundation, a non-profit technology consortium.

Today with the help of this article we will provide you with an updated list of the Best Kodi Skins. As we have earlier mentioned that Kodi is an Open Source Media platform with tons of Settings for user preference. By choosing a Skin within Kodi, you get the chance to have a sleek looking interface that looks attractive as well as pleasing to the eye. So, without wasting any time let’s get started….

Best Kodi Skins

Aeon Nox (SiLVO)

Aeon Nox is considered to be one of the topmost best Kodi skins with probably the biggest name in the community. The Aeon Nox Skin is a very popular Kodi skin due to its simplicity and futuristic feel. This skin has been still around for quite some time, after many major Kodi releases. Meanwhile, each new major release involves skins to be updated, Aeon Nox is commonly the first one to arrive. It is a fully-featured skin that can fully change the way you use Kodi.

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This skin has been used in many of Kodi Builds which also comprises of the ever-popular No Limits Magic Build. While installing the Aeon Nox Skin, one must make sure to allow enough time for sub-menu items in order to build as this skin is larger in size. 


The Confluence Skin feature is an easy-to-use menu bar that is best for those browsing categories. It is basically used in many of Kodi Builds comprising the Xanax Build which is one of the most popular that is available nowadays. On the other hand, you can easily install this skin as well as restore the appearance of your Kodi to its previous state. On top of that, this skin uses meta-data of your movies, TV shows, as well as other additional types of content to display plenty of useful information for every single title.


Mimic is basically a clean-looking Skin that looks quite similar to the original Estuary Skin. Here you are able to change the Skin’s fonts, background as well can do much more. Since it is so light in size, Mimic works so much great on all streaming devices, particularly the Amazon Fire TV as well as Firestick which are the most popular media players that are available right now.


Chroma is another one of the best Kodi Skins that was designed especially for those who use the application on an Ultra HD Television Set. The reason behind its popularity is because it is been available for quite some time as well as it has also managed to attract a loyal user base.

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With high definition images and fonts, this Kodi Skin works great on new 4K TV and many more. It might be too devastating on smaller screens, but at the same time, Chroma works just fine on larger screens and TVs.

By default, Chroma also combines a horizontal menu along with a background with high-resolution images. If you enter a category, you are going to see all the information that is needed. For starters, there’s a list of existing content, adding to ratings, genres, synopses, as well as the artwork.


Titan has been one of the most beloved and popular skins because it strikes just the right balance between straightforwardness as well as providing plenty of information in a better way. In simple words, lots of things can be happening on the screen deprived of overwhelming you. 


The Adonic Skin is the perfect choice for those who are a movie and TV show buff. When hovering over a title, you are going to be provided with details comprising year, rating, duration, cast, as well as much more. It also has an exclusive look that is different from other Skins with emblems for every category in spite of the text.


There are many Kodi users who prefer the system’s skin to be less complicated and more organized as well as customizable. This is precise what BOX offers to its users, which is a mixture of older versions of Kodi skins. Its key menu is categorized as per to the movies, TV shows as well as music – while giving the extra space on the screen to give a crisp, sharp overall look.

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If you are one of those who want to customize their home screen, then Amber Skin is great for you. By default, Amber brings a horizontal menu with the key categories that are visible straight away. With Amber, one can also change the main menu in order to show any of the pictures that you want by just simply uploading them to your device.

Users, on the other hand, can also edit the Settings tabs to show horizontally or vertically, together with many other amazing features. As you scroll through different categories, you are going to see high-resolution images in the background. These are going to be based on your Kodi’s content library. As soon as you get into a specific category, such as Movies, then you will see a nice horizontal row filled with movie posters.

Final Verdict

With the help of this article, we have discussed many things about Kodi and have managed to provide you the list of top best Kodi Skins. Hopefully, this information will be beneficial for you.

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