Avengers Endgame: Reviews And Rating; Epic Conclusion To The Marvel’s Infinity Saga!

              Avengers Endgame Reviews And Rating: The  Marvel Cinematic Universe has come to a conclusion with an amazing jerker movie. This movie stars Robert Downey Jr, Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth. The movie has got 4.5 stars out of 5 stars rating.

With Avengers: Endgame, the Marvel Infinity Saga has reached its long awaited conclusion. It has been offering to the audience an old fashioned mix of grand spectacle and also many emotions undiluted.  Just to call this movie a mere success it would not be any justice to it. The movie deserves a Eulogy instead.

About the Movie

It was a series which was loved for years by the audiences and has reached a conclusion. Thus it is watched with emotions and moreover, it crossed all the dots more neatly than the other movies. The movie does not come to an end because of the feeling of a rigid resolution but with a sense of freeing responsibility. There are new doors to open yet. Marvel seems to state that the old ones just need to be closed first. It is a kind of film which will compel the audience emotionally and will force even the Frost Giants to whoop and weep.

The films like Avengers: Endgame was sure to succeed because it already had a lot many expectations with a well-oiled system is required to be in that place. There obviously needs to be a discipline, crispness, and generosity in the writing, editing and in the performances. This can also be said seeing the movie that there can be no two filmmakers better than these Anthony and Joe Russo which are working in the studio sandboxes. This is not at least in an unprecedented scale. The true ambition in the Marvel Cinematic Universe is born out of strict adherence to the rules.

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Movie Review

Avengers: Endgame is an appreciable example of the epic intimacy that Marvel does so well in the movie. The movie is alternating between glorious action and character moments. When we watch the movie it almost feels like taking a wistful walk which is quite down the memory lane. Our memory takes where he was flanked on either side by a Russo brother and also our hands held firmly in theirs. It is definitely an odd feeling and also a mixed one that is of melancholy and nostalgia both.

Though it is a delicate balance to strike yet it is not that difficult as having to write a review. The review that should be without revealing potential spoilers whose definition is quite subjective as Iron Man 3’s Mandarin being a good villain. Regardless of what the audience says, EndGame is very much like Infinity War-Part 2. In that movie, the fall out of the snap is directly discussed. There are many scenes which feel like they have been already there since the earliest drafts of the script and while others genuinely felt like being added post the release of Infinity War. Russos have already had his finger on the pulse of the audience so it would surely make sense for them to have to sense that.

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