Avenger Endgame Theory; How Captain Marvel Affects The Plot?

Avengers Endgame theory

     We all are waiting for Captain Marvel more than anything. You all should know that it isn’t just an introduction movie it is more than that. We are going to receive much more answers about the upcoming Avenger Endgame in Captain Marvel. You all should know that Captain Marvel isn’t just an ordinary Marvel movie it is much more than that. We think that the viewers are going to love it and even so many theories are coming out for the movie.

You all should know that various theories are speculating about the new upcoming Captain Marvel and Avengers; Endgame too. We have found plenty of promising theories online and we’ll talk about one of them below. You all might know that the Marvel’s Avengers aren’t in a very good condition. Thor is feeling lost as he had nothing left to live, Captain America is looking weird, Iron Man is lost in space without water and food.

Avengers; Endgame Theory?

Antman still needs his own introduction to the whole thing and his team is also disappeared. Hulk wasn’t out in the last part. Guardians of the Galaxy stars are lost too. We don’t think that anybody is happy right now except Thanos who has accomplished his mission in Avenger; Infinity War. You all might know that he had already snapped out the half of the world and the rest world might be in pain. Now, so many questions are here but we don’t really have so many answers.

We think that Captain Marvel is going to help Iron Man. Yes! You are reading it right, as you all might have seen in the trailer Iron Man is lost and he needs to be rescued. Now, we think that only Captain Marvel could save him because down there on Earth nobody knows that he is alive and lost. So, he can’t expect help from the Earth. Now, only Captain Marvel could help him as she isn’t from the earth and she going to be here to help the rest of the team.

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Captain Marvel is Important?

We are not sure about this theory but we think that the Captain Marvel that’s about to get into a fight as she’s introduced to the Avengers. Some of you might know that Nick Fury is aware that Captain Marvel is coming to Earth to help save the day. We don’t think that anybody is going to recognize her and they’ll see her as an enemy. We don’t really know that how she is going to fight Thanos but deep down we all know that Doctor Strange wasn’t fooling around in Avengers: Infinity War.

You all should know that we aren’t sure about the whole game or whatever is going to happen next. We think that Captain Marvel will be introduced to the rest of the Avengers in a very unique way because this is what Marvel does each time. Captain Marvel and Avengers: Endgame is going to be released on March 8th and April 26th and we are waiting for both of these movies.

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