70th Annual Armed Forces Day 2019 Parade Highlights, Updates, Quick Facts, Customs & Celebrations

70th Annual Armed Forces Day 2019 Parade Highlights, Updates, Quick Facts, Customs & Celebrations

               Armed Forces Day 2019 Parade, Updates, Facts, Customs, Celebrations: Armed Forces Day is one of the greatest celebrations of all time as on this day we celebrate and honor our real brave heroes who are always ready to sacrifice their life and family for their nation. Armed Force Day is the honorable day to pay tribute and commemorate the service of men and women in the Armed or Military Forces.

On Armed Forces Day various activities are held in order to celebrate and honor the Military Forces but one of the major attractions for the day is the Grand Parade where thousands of participants take part in it. People all around the world, as well as the locals, visit there in order to spectate this remarkable parade.

Here are some of the Annual Armed Forces Day Parade Highlights and Updates along with some Customs & Celebrations as well as quick facts. So, let’s get started…..

70th Annual Armed Forces Day Parade Highlights and Updates

70th Annual Armed Forces Day 2019 Parade Highlights, Updates, Quick Facts, Customs & Celebrations

For the 70th successive year, Hamilton County, as well as the Chattanooga Area Veterans Council, yet again saluted the military members with a grand parade. For the Armed Forces Day Parade, General Michael Garrett who is the commanding general of United States Army Forces Command came come to Chattanooga which was held on Friday, May 3. General Garrett has also lately assumed command of the Army Forces Command (FORSCOM), which is the largest Army command, and it comprises of more than 750,000 Army, reserve and National Guard soldiers as well as civilians. The procession traveled to northward on Market Street from MLK Boulevard.

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An additional honored guest for the day was parade marshal and Chattanooga native Bo Cline, who is a WWII veteran and Purple Heart recipient whose plane was shot down over Germany in advance of which he was arrested and held as a prisoner of war.

70th Annual Armed Forces Day 2019 Parade Highlights, Updates, Quick Facts, Customs & Celebrations

Before the 70th Annual Armed Forces Day Parade, this year’s military chair, retired Army Colonel Tom McConnell also said, “I marched in the Armed Forces Day parade when I was younger, and today, the parade remains a defining feature of our community.” He further added, “It’s incredible that Hamilton County continues to put on a patriotic event of this magnitude every year. It’s humbling to meet veterans like Bo Cline and active duty soldiers like General Garrett, who represents the best of our nation, and it’s a thrill to see so many people lining up to watch, participate and honor our service members.”

On the 70th Annual Armed Forces Day Parade, a good size crowd was there from the morning in downtown Chattanooga to see the parade proceeding to the north of Market Street from MLK Boulevard to the reviewing stand at 6th street.

Armed Forces Day Customs & Celebrations 2019

Armed Forces Day is celebrated all around the United States in countless several ways. In some of the areas, there are military parades or else Armed forces themed motorcycle rides. In attrition, there are also many ceremonies, memorial services, as well as musical processions, are observed all over the nation. However, in the other parts of the country, various air shows which feature military jets, as well as historic military planes, can also be seen.

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Armed Forces Day Quick Facts

  • Armed Force Day is celebrated every year on the third Saturday in May and this year in 2019, it is going to be celebrated on 18th May 2019, Saturday.
  • The first ever Armed Forces Day was celebrated in the year 1950 and the day was initiated by President Harry Truman’s signing the National Security Act, which combined all four branches of the military under the one Secretary of Defense, in July 1947.
  • With each year Armed Force Day celebration a theme is designated for the day. Some of the previous themes have included “Freedom,” “Guardians of Peace” and “Representatives of the World’s Mightiest Democracy.”
  • In the Federal Defense agency, there are more than three million people working there. In order to keep the speed up with the demand, the agency must recruit about 165,000 people every single year.
  • The U.S. has officially declared war 11 times but the first ever official declaration of war was in the year 1812 when Congress approved war with Great Britain.
  • Parades, air shows, receptions, and other celebrations also take place on this day.
  • There are around a total of 10,000 troops as well as veterans who march in Washington, DC on this day and more than 36,000 participants in a parade in New York City.
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