Archero Beginners Guide: Tips & Tricks To Hit Enemies On Target

                   Archero Beginners Guide Tips & Tricks: Archero Beginners Guide: Archeo is a very unique and popular action game. It is basically a game in which you have to control a lonely Archer. The gameplay is really simple and all you need to do is help the character in killing all the evils in different locations and dungeons. Additionally, the controls are also very simple because of the joystick. We how come up with a detailed Archero Beginners Guide in which we will share a number of Archeo Tips and tricks. These tips will help you in improving the gameplay. Here are some quick tips and tricks which you must follow in the game.

Archer Beginners Guide: Tips & Tricks

1. Be quick and avoid enemies

You have to use the joystick in order to move the character from one place to another. The character keeps on running until you leave the joystick. It starts arching as soon as it stops. Hence, it is always a better strategy to avoid and Duck the enemies and run away. This is mostly because of the fact that it is often quite hard to defend yourself while playing the game. Therefore, the best Archer tip will be to run in such a way that you can escape most of the enemies. Sometimes, you may not be able to escape the enemies and this is the only time when you must fight.

2. Think Carefully and make strategies

Levelling up while playing a game is a great strategy to kill all the existing enemies. There are a number of abilities which can be unlocked depending upon certain criteria. Each ability gives you the option to eradicate the enemies from that level. However, The selection is variable and it has no fixed time. There are a number of abilities include in the bouncy wall and 5 others. The Bouncy Ball is one of the best abilities because it makes your Arrow keeps bouncing on the walls and it is very helpful when you are fighting against a number of animals.

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3. Save coins for upgrades

You will earn coin every time you kill an enemy. Similarly, you can also when coin weekly by participating in the spin wheel, after chapter 2. These coins can be later used for purchasing talents and abilities. Hence, we have included this point in Archer Beginners Guide. This is the best strategy that you can adopt in the game for getting more powerful as you on more and more coins. However, you must know that talents cannot be upgraded, once purchased.

4. Use Gems Wisely

Besides coins, gems are also available in the game. However, gems are quite rare in the game and they have a higher value compared to the normal coins. These gems are very helpful because they can help you in getting revived during the game. It is a wise option to save gems and use them only in the games where you have scored a lot. The score can be increased even more if you use the gems to revive the player. It is a better strategy to use them during boss battles.

5. Collect Stage Rewards

Archeo gives you rewards, after having completed a particular stage. These rewards include a different quantity of coins and gems or some other energy levels. The reward is added to the home screen of the game and it will be there until you who collected. It is a better strategy not to get the items as soon as you when the award. Rather, you must open the chest only when you are out of energy or you need the coins urgently to buy the talents. This Archero Beginners Guide will help you in improving your gameplay.

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