Apple Airpods 2: Design, Specifications, Upgradation And Pricing

          Apple introduced a new concept of airports to completely remove the conventional usage of the earphone. The concept behind airpods was amazing and was accepted by most iPhone users. However, there were some critic reviews owing to the fact that no earphone jack was provided in the New iPhones. It was launched originally in 2016 and lacked several features. Hence, people were waiting for a new update. Apple has recently launched the second generation of airpords which we will refer to as Airpods 2. So which one should you buy? We have Compared Airpods vs Airpods 2 in order to find out the differences between both the devices.

Airpods vs Airpods 2

There are not many differences between both the versions of the airpords. Apple calls the new version as airpods itself. Hence, you can make out that there have been no significant changes in this upgraded version. The design, dimensions, weight remains the same as the 1st generation. Besides, the charging case of the airpords is also similar to the previous version. If you keep both the devices side by side, one will not be able to distinguish between them. Practically, there has even been no addition to the colour options.


The differences will start coming out once you go deep into the device. Airpods 2 is powered by the new H1 chip, replacing the old W1 chip found on the 1st generation airpods. The new chip is much more efficient and powerful compared to its predecessor. Now your airpods will get connected up to 50% faster. Moreover, the latency is decreased by 30%, hence, it is great news for all the gamers who use airpods while gaming. Besides, Apple claims that the new chip provides extra stability to the connection. The stability was already good enough on the previous version too.

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Perhaps the most significant change in the second generation airpods is the new voice architecture. You can use and activate the microphone by simply saying, “Hey Siri.” After that, you can control and make calls and messages using the voice command. Earlier, users were required to double tap on the airpods in order to activate the voice command.

Airpods 2 has a similar sound quality as the airpords 1. The sound quality has been decent enough and is comparable to the best selling speakers like Bose and Sony. Hence, the device will not sell much if only this factor is kept in mind while buying. Therefore, over audiophiles will not prefer upgradation.


As mentioned earlier, Apple claims that the battery life of the new airpords has been increased by 50%. However, the impact is not much in reality. But the device is capable of running for more than 24 hours on a single charge and even more when we consider the case. The new case is actually a wireless charger which will help you in charging the Airpods 2 on the go. It is also compatible with the first generation, however, you will have to buy the case separately.


The Airpods 2 has a roughly similar pricing strategy. It costs $159 without the wireless charging case. If you buy the device along with the wireless charging case, it would cost you $199. On the other hand, if you opt to buy the wireless charger separately, it would cost you $79.


The Airpods 2 has now been upgraded to a significantly faster and much more stable chip compared to the first generation. Besides, the battery life has also been extended and the wireless case is what attracts most people. The wireless case acts as a charm and is very helpful for those people who want to charge their devices on the go. Moreover, the price is also similar to its predecessor.

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