Top 5 Animal Crossing Alternatives That You Must Try On PC

The animal crossing game has become very famous after it was launched by the Nintendo switch. The game allows the users to come close to nature and use the ultimate resources on the island in order to create anything they want to. It allows creativity to a great extent and users can shape anything like a tool or other things using the natural resources. The game is really amazing and brings everyone closer to creativity and nature. However, the sad part is that it is not available on PC. Hence, we found out the best animal crossing alternatives that you can try out.

Top 5 Animal Crossing Alternatives

Animal Crossing Alternatives

1. Stardew Valley

The game is very similar to an animal cross because the theme is somewhat similar. Both the game brings the player close to nature and does not focus much on creativity but on making the farm more productive and highly profitable. However, one thing is common between the two games. Animal Crossing allows you to customize and decorate even your neighbor’s farm unlike stardew Valley, where you can just customize your own farm.

2. My Time At Portia

My time at Portia is much similar to the animal crossing and Stardew Valley. The only difference between the games is that you inherit a tool shop instead of a farm from your father. But the motive remains the same. The player can make different kinds of tools and help the fellow people of Portia. It is more of an RPG game because you have to encounter monsters and take care of the farms and also beautify your workshop. However, the game is extremely fun to play.

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3. A short hike

A short Hike is quite different from the animal crossing game. The reason being that animal crossing allows you to explore only the deserted Island, whereas a short hike allows you to explore anything and everything according to your choice. You how the complete freedom to explore the mountainside as well.

4. Dragon Quest Builders 2

Dragon Quest Builders 2 is a Minecraft inspired game and is basically a dragon quest RPG. Animal crossing is more about creating various things using the natural resources available in the environment. Whereas, this game is about exploration and quest against dragons. The village is frequently attacked by the enemies. However, there are many things similar to the game. For instance, the area of the game remains inside the village and all the activities also take place in the same area. The game has made its way to PC only a few months ago and this is why we have listed it among the top animal crossing alternatives.

5. Garden Paws

This is a great farming simulation game and is much like animal crossing. The game has really cute characters and some people play this game only because of this reason. The game is all about managing the farm and drawing profits in order to make your home more creative and beautiful. Hence, it is one of the best alternatives to animal crossings.

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