Amazon Alexa At CES 2019: Here Are All The Latest Announcements!

     The artificial intelligence program of Amazon has been a great hit in the market. Amazon has sold millions of Amazon echo devices in 2018 in both United States and around the world. Amazon and its subsidiary companies have announced a number of programs coming up for Amazon Alexa, in CES 2019. With the world getting smarter, Amazon is taking a big hit at developing Alexa. So what are the new features announced by Amazon in CES 2019? Take I look at all the new features coming to your Alexa devices soon. Besides, some new products and features have been announced.

Amazon Alexa At CES 2019: Latest Announcements-

Key By Amazon

Amazon wants to go far away than being just a conventional retail store. It has been working aggressively on new technologies. Key by Amazon is one such technology which enables the authorised people by Amazon to reach out at the customer’s house, post offices, or garage and deliver goods even if they are not at home. This will make sure that no delivery is postponed in case the owner is not at home.

Key by Amazon will allow the shoppers to allocate a specific time when the lock of the house or garage is opened for authorized service people to enter and deliver the goods. Moreover, it includes a camera with Amazon cloud-enabled, to ensure that the shoppers can watch every activity going on behind him. However, the service is not yet widely available. Amazon has promised to make it available in more Cities of the United States soon.

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Smart Wi-Fi Deadbolt

Amazon has been working on this for quite a time now. The smart Wi-Fi deadbolt is basically a replacement of the conventional key locks. Amazon is pushing users to use the keyless lock. This is a keyless lock system in which you can type in the pin code to open the door quickly. Now you don’t have to carry keys around with you. Simply, put a passcode and become free, with all best in class security features. The device is available for preorder and will be delivered in March 2019. Additionally, the announcement included that the device will now be addressable to Wi-Fi and no conventional hub is required.


The Amazon Ring customers can now control their key by Amazon with the help of buttons in the ring up. Hence, you can sit back and manually unlock the door for service people to enter. Moreover, Amazon has enabled live video streaming facility directly from the ring cameras.

New Sensors and Features

The ring can now be controlled via voice control, under Alexa. Moreover, the smart locks can be controlled directly via the ring app. Besides, new features and alarms have been added to sense temperature, smoke and carbon dioxide levels. Using the Alexa voice command you can lock unlock or does dis-alarm smart locks.

Increased Alexa Compatibility

Alexa is now going to be available on a wide range of products. Hence, you can expect Alex off on all your Smart home products. Alexa is pushing hard to become the king of smart homes. Below is the list of companies which will now integrate Alexa to enable voice commands.

  • Arris
  • Current
  • Daikin
  • D-LINK
  • DUX
  • GE Lighting
  • Gourmet
  • First Alert
  • Kohler
  • Legrand
  • LG
  • Sengled
  • Whirlpool
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Hence, Alexa is going to take over and integrate into the products of all the companies mentioned in the above list. You can imagine the vision of Amazon expanding Alexa to make it the number one artificial intelligence brand. It wants to capture the entire market and make each and everything in your home a smart device. They are even trying to make your washrooms a smarter one, by tieing up with companies like Kohler.

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