Acer Swift 3 vs Asus ZenBook 14: Which Is A Better Choice?

Acer Swift 3 vs Asus ZenBook 14: Which Is A Better Choice?

               Acer Swift 3 vs Asus ZenBook 14: Choosing a laptop office is always a difficult task because there are a lot of variants available at the same price. Laptops are 15 inches bag for 13 inches low. This difference in size is troublesome for most users who want a mid-sized laptop. 14 inches seems to be a reasonable size for a laptop and you can go for Asus ZenBook 14 in that case. However, it is difficult to choose between when compared to its peers like Acer Swift 3. Hence, we have compared Acer Swift 3 vs Asus ZenBook 14 to find out which laptop seems to be a better option for the given price.

Acer Swift 3 vs Asus ZenBook 14

Acer Swift 3 vs Asus ZenBook 14: Which Is A Better Choice?


ZenBook 14 is a mid-sized device which seems to be perfect for the people who think that 13 inches display is too small and 15.6 inches is too big. The amazing thing about this laptop is that it sets 14 inches to display in 13.3 inches frame. The size of the laptop remains the same as what you find on a 13.3 inches laptop. However, the thin bezels have given room to the 14 inches display found on the device. While Swift 3 is slightly bigger.

Asus ZenBook 14 seems better with royal blue colour. It has a solid touchpad and chassis. On the other hand, Acer Swift 3 is available in the common and standard all aluminum silver colour. Hence, ZenBook 14 seems to be a better option in terms of design.

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Both ZenBook 14 and Swift 3 hour by hour by the latest Intel 8th generation whisky lake quad-core CPU. Moreover, both the laptops are equipped with core i7. The specification age somewhat similar on both the devices and they can handle simple tasks and programs quite efficiently. Swift 3 is a bit faster than ZenBook 14 in the benchmark scores. However, ZenBook 14 takes the lead when it comes to encoding speed.

Besides, the storage speed is also quite similar on both the laptops. They use PCIe SSD for storage. Gaming and creativity applications tell us a different story altogether about the performance of the devices. It mostly depends upon the GPU which the device is having. Currently, ZenBook 14 comes in two variants. One comes with Intel UHD 620 integrated Graphics while the other one as GeForce MX150 discrete GPU. On the other hand, Swift 3 has MX150 GPU by default. Hence, Swift 3 has an upper hand in terms of performance when it comes to gaming and other Complex situations.


ZenBook 14 has a smaller size and it comparatively has lesser weight. On the other hand, Swift 3 is thinner and flexible. Given the fact that ZenBook 14 has a small chassis, it is more easily portable and one will find it a better option if he uses the laptop in a cramped room. However, both the laptops are easily portable because of the lightweight and small size.

Perhaps, the battery is a more important factor for comparison compared to portability. Acer Swift 3 seems to easily take on ZenBook 14 in terms of battery. The battery on this device lasts significantly longer. It passes our test significantly by good numbers if we are not practically working on the CPU. Swift 3 will help you to carry out the entire days work in a single charge and that is one of the best things.

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Acer Swift 3 vs Asus ZenBook 14: Conclusion

In our comparison of Acer Swift 3 vs Asus ZenBook 14, we found out that Acer Swift 3 is a better choice. Even do it is slightly bigger in size, it comes with good battery life and standard specifications. ZenBook is also a good device but it fails to impress the users in terms of battery life and in terms of the GPU used in the lower variant.

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