Here Are Top 8 Reasons To Love New Brunswick, Canada!

  If you love traveling then you would have surely heard New Brunswick. It is located in Canada, and people love it. Today we are going to list 8 reasons why you should love New Brunswick.

Canada’s only bilingual province, New Brunswick is just stunning. Looking forward to a budget-friendly travel destination? Brunswick is the one destination, in Canada to visit. Canda js a place with jaw-dropping scenery. Here are the reasons why you should love New Brunswick.

Reasons To Love New Brunswick

1. Feel the energetic tides

The Bay of Fundy has the world’s best coastline. The art of tides in this region attracts thousands of tourists from around the world. The high tide is such that it engulfs half the region. The tides are so powerful, watching them is the best thing you can get out of nature. New Brunswick is a perfect destination for all travel lovers.

During the low tides, you can view the tidal wonder at reversing fas rapids. The water level rises here as much as 8m. This phenomenon occurs when the water of the Bay of Fundy meets the St John’s river. You can literally see the whirlpools forming during the low tide. Whereas, during the high tide, the St John river reverses its direction. This effect is one of its kind in the entire world. Thus it is one of the biggest reason, why you should love New Brunswick.

2. Explore the forest

New Brunswick is a heavily forested province and one knows that forests are known well for adventure sports. So if you are an adventure lover you should surely visit New Brunswick. On the outskirts near st. Johns, there is an adventure camp, offering a wide range of sports. The sports vary from beginner to pro level, it includes climbing, zipline, sway and jump from one platform to another. Thus it’s another amazing reason to visit New Brunswick.

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3. Historic Market

New Brunswick has a historic market named as the Saint John City Market. This market is operated only by farmers, which makes it the only store fully operated by farmers in entire Canada. Opened in 1856, the store offers a wide range of traditional and local arts. Tourists love to take back some memories with them and this shop lets you shop one. You can have coffee which has a very local taste and is soothing.

4. Amazing Seafood

New Brunswick is known for its famous seafood. If you love lobster, chowder, and clams then this is a province for you no doubt. The fish market is extremely affordable and you can find lobster rolls along with pre-cooked two pounders.

5. Visit Seaside resort town

Yet another reason to visit New Brunswick. Living in a seaside resort is what visitors want during the summers. Have a good time watching whales, doing courses and listen to never-ending traditional music. Its got a look at the castle’s but seems to be a grand summer cottage.

6. Brilliant Beaches

The cost comes with options in sand color. So choosing between red. yellow and white depends on you. When you tide it out, you can walk for miles. but when the tide is in, there are hundreds of tide pools to jump into.

7. Top Class Art

One of Canada’s top galleries, Beaverbrook Art Gallery, has recently expanded. The huge traditional gallery has room to display more than 5300 pieces. Perhaps it is the best reason to visit Brunswick.

8. New Nordic Spa

The  USVA Spa Nordik, compared to other sea resorts is much smaller. Yet it has got all in a compact. located in Montok, this nature spa boasts two saunas, two outdoor pools, a relaxation room, and several outdoor hammock swings. Release all your stress by booking an exotic spa. These are probably the best reasons to visit New Brunswick.

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