7 Best Kodi Live TV Addons For Live Streaming Channels

7 Best Kodi Live TV Addons For Live Streaming Channels

Best Kodi Live TV Addons: Kodi is the most popular media, streaming player. The popularity of Kodi is growing day by day as new add-ons are increasing. Kodi allows you to stream movies, music, and even games on your devices extremely free of cost. This is one of the major reasons why people are going cordless and using Kodi. Now you can even watch live TV channels using some popular Kodi addons. These Kodi addons help you to access hundreds of TV channels from around the world and that too free of cost. It is an open streaming platform where you can add its add-ons.

Love watching TV? what’s your favorite TV shows on your favorite channels on Kodi itself. The new Kodi addons allow you to stream live TV channels for free. Because hostess many people are shifting from conventional cable TV to Kodi. However, streaming live TV channels using Kodi addons is not always convenient as the server gets disconnected sometimes. Still, you can give the below-mentioned best Kodi addons to stream live TV channels for free.

7 Best Kodi Live TV Add-ons

Kodi can help you Stream TV Chanel Live and also here we have collected a huge selection of TV Channel at Your disposal from all around the World. For This Purpose, You need to Know which Kodi Addons to install. There are many Popular Kodi Addons using which you can watch Live TV on Kodi. These third-party addons are not reliable as the Servers on which these are hosted erratic. There are some Good Kodi Live TV Addons that are up and running Most of the Time. Like other categories of Addons, Kodi has a lot of Kodi Addons for Streaming Live TV. Most of these Kodi Addons are outdated and have dead links. It’s always good to have some backup Kodi Addons in such cases. Kodi Addons usually Provide easy for numerous Streaming Content for sources Online. There are various official Kodi Addons accessible over the Internet. After Installing the Kodi You can start Watching Live TV on Kodi by choosing the Best Kodi Addons for Live TV.

1. Goodfellas 2.0

Goodfellas has come a long way and has become one of the most popular Kodi addons in 2018. it allows you to stream many American movies and news channels extremely free of cost. Moreover, it also gives you money at the feature as live interaction over webcam

2. cCloud Tv

cCloud is a community of people who love to stream live TV channels on Kodi. This Kodi addon allows you to watch various live channels of UK and US. In the service section, you can find all the running TV channels. The amazing sound and video quality of life channels have made this the best Kodi addon for live TV streaming and that too free of cost.

3. Selfless

Selfless is another amazing Kodi addon for streaming live TV channels. It has hundreds of channels arranged alphabetically. Hence, you will never face any problem finding your favorite TV channel. It is available easily on many repositories of Kodi. You will find many English channels on this add-on. If selfless fails to install, then you also have to download the SportsDevil Add-on.

4. USTVNow Plus

USTVNow plus is an official IPTV using which you can watch any American live television channel being aired on the American satellite. It allows you to watch all the latest and popular TV channels like ESPN, HBO, BBC, Fox, and many others. However, it requires a subscription of $16. Therefore, it is the best Kodi addons to watch live TV in case you are willing to pay for the premium version.

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5. Chronos

If you are willing to watch live sports channels, then the Chronos Kodi addon is a perfect match for you. They display All On demand US and UK live TV channels. It is a very light software that takes only 2 to 3 minutes to install on Kodi. Hence, if you are looking for free entertainment, Chronos is for you.


SGTV is a decent Kodi addon to watch live TV channels of the US and UK. The content on this addon is not too large but decent enough. You can mainly watch live news and sports using this Kodi addon. The best part is that most of the channels are working and runs smoothly, without any trouble.

7. Atriox

This is the last Kodi addon using which you can stream live TV channels. Atriox is a popular addon for those looking for music and movies in one place. It is easily available on many Kodi repositories. You can also watch movies from the collection on this Kodi addon. It also has some amazing music collections which you can consider.

Final Verdict

Here On this page, we have curated the list of Kodi Addons For Live TV. Each Kodi Live TV Addons has been tested to ensure that there are no broken links. There are the best collection of Kodi Live TV Addons and You can enjoy streaming Your Favourite Channels using these Kodi Live TV Addons.

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