5 Easy Tips To Buy The Kentucky Derby Tickets You Need To Know

5 Easy Tips To Buy The Kentucky Derby Tickets You Need To Know

   The Kentucky Derby is a horse race that is held every year in Louisville, Kentucky, United States. It is organized on the first Saturday in May.  It provides a fitting environment for the two-week-long Kentucky Derby Festival.

Many people mark their presence on this occasion. People buy tickets for Kentucky Derby. As it is heard from many people that they have been looted or they were not able to get the tickets, so here are some quick and best tips for the interested public that will help you to easily get your Kentucky Derby tickets.

The right time to buy Kentucky Derby Tickets

There is no particular time to buy Kentucky Derby tickets. But still, if you want to have the ticket then purchase it as soon as possible. Never wait for the prices to drop and don’t worry about the rest. It is best to purchase the tickets as soon as possible. Once you have purchased the tickets then you can think for the parking, Bourbon, and Horse Farm Tours, Kentucky Oaks, Thurby, and party tickets.

Want a stay during Derby?

If you want to stay for the Kentucky Derby then you should at least stay for 3 days. In those 3 days, you can fulfill your excitement. Lexington, Cincinnati, Bardstown, Elizabethtown, and southern Indiana are some of the places where you can get 2-night stays for the Kentucky Derby. These places are an hour away from the Derby and are a little cheaper than other places.

Avoid getting looted

Everyone has heard of scams and loots which have happened for the Kentucky Derby tickets. Well, you can easily dodge these kinds of scams. You could follow some protocols which will help you prevent such loots. Ask some typical questions and wait for the answers, if the answers are not satisfying then don’t prefer the organization or individual. Ask them for their office and since when they are doing the business. If they give a reason for their office address, then never buy tickets from them.

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Ask the seller if it’s his/her full-time work or part-time work for Kentucky Derby. If the reply is part-time then, prefer the full-time workers because they won’t scam you.

Seats in Derby and where to sit?

You can have a seat according to your wish and your budget. Different seats are available in different budgets. If you want to have a great view on the track and the horses then you can have access to section 116-117 and section 316-317. These sections will also provide you with a great view of the finishing line. If you want a comfortable seat will more privacy or if your guests are also arriving with you then you can book indoor dining seats at Millionaires Row, Turf Club, and Gold room.

Snacks, food and refreshment drinks

I also have experienced hunger during the race and trust me, you will not want to enjoy the occasion with an empty stomach. Well, there is ample of time within the races where you can spend your bucks and can fill your stomach. You can find your food within a few feet of racing track.

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