2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup: Format, Groups, Teams And Full Schedule

2019 FIFA Women's World Cup: Format, Groups, Teams And Full Schedule

       The 2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup is going to be the eighth edition of the FIFA Women’s World Cup. The tournament was formerly known as Women’s World Championship. The tournament is going to commence from 7th June 2019 and will conclude on 7th July 2019.

Back in March 2015, France won the right to host the 2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup event. This is the first time that France will host the tournament, and at the same time, it’s going to be the third time that a European country is hosting the tournament. There will be the total number of 24 teams participating in the tournament and the matches are scheduled for nine cities across France.

Through this article, we are going to provide full information regarding the tournament so let’s have a look….

The 2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup: Format

The 2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup is going to feature 24 teams and these teams are going to be divided into six groups of four teams each. The winner and runner-up of every single group will spontaneously move to the round of 16.

The four teams in third-place to store the maximum points will also progress to the knockout stage along with the winners of group matches as well as second-place finishers.

2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup: Groups

Group A

  • France (H)
  • South Korea
  • Norway
  • Nigeria

Group B

  • Germany
  • China PR
  • Spain
  • South Africa

Group C

  • Australia
  • Italy
  • Brazil
  • Jamaica

Group D

  • England
  • Scotland
  • Argentina
  • Japan

Group E

  • Canada
  • Cameroon
  • New Zealand
  • Netherlands

Group F

  • United States
  • Thailand
  • Chile
  • Sweden


2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup: Group Stage Schedule

Group A

7 June 2019France vs South Korea21:00Parc des Princes, Paris
8 June 2019Norway vs Nigeria21:00Stade Auguste-Delaune, Reims
12 June 2019Nigeria vs South Korea15:00Stade des Alpes, Grenoble
12 June 2019France vs Norway21:00Allianz Riviera, Nice
17 June 2019Nigeria vs France21:00Roazhon Park, Rennes
17 June 2019South Korea vs Norway21:00Stade Auguste-Delaune, Reims


Group B

8 June 2019Spain vs South Africa15:00Stade Oceane, Le Havre
8 June 2019Germany vs China PR18:00Roazhon Park, Rennes
12 June 2019Germany vs Spain18:00Stade du Hainaut, Valenciennes
13 June 2019South Africa vs China PR21:00Parc des Princes, Paris
17 June 2019South Africa vs Germany18:00Stade de la Mosson, Montpellier
17 June 2019China PR vs Spain18:00Stade Oceane, Le Havre


Group C

Date MatchesTimeLocation
9 June 2019Australia vs Italy13:00Stade du Hainaut, Valenciennes
9  June 2019Brazil vs Jamaica15:30Stade des Alpes, Grenoble
13 June 2019Australia vs Brazil18:00Stade de la Mosson, Montpellier
14 June 2019Jamaica vs Italy18:00Stade Auguste-Delaune, Reims
18 June 2019Jamaica vs Australia21:00Stade des Alpes, Grenoble
18 June 2019Italy vs Brazil21:00Stade du Hainaut, Valenciennes


Group D

9 June 2019England vs Scotland18:00Allianz Riviera, Nice
10 June 2019Argentina vs Japan18:00Parc des Princes, Paris
14 June 2019Japan vs Scotland15:00Roazhon Park, Rennes
14 June 2019England vs Argentina21:00Stade Oceane, Le Havre
19 June 2019Japan vs England21:00Allianz Riviera, Nice
19 June 2019Scotland vs Argentina21:00Stade du Hainaut, Valenciennes


Group E

10 June 2019Canada vs Cameroon21:00Stade de la Mosson, Montpellier
11 June 2019New Zealand vs Netherlands15:00Stade Oceane, Le Havre
15 June 2019Netherlands vs Cameroon15:00Stade du Hainaut, Valenciennes
15 June 2019Canada vs New Zealand21:00Stade des Alpes, Grenoble
20 June 2019Netherlands vs Canada18:00Stade Auguste-Delaune, Reims
20 June 2019Cameroon vs New Zealand18:00Stade de la Mosson, Montpellier


Group F

June 11, 2019Chile vs Sweden18:00Roazhon Park, Rennes
June 11, 2019USWNT vs Thailand21:00Stade Auguste-Delaune, Reims
June 16, 2019USWNT vs Chile15:00Parc des Princes, Paris
June 16, 2019Sweden vs Thailand18:00Allianz Riviera, Nice
June 20, 2019Sweden vs USWNT21:00Stade Oceane, Le Havre
June 20, 2019Thailand vs Chile21:00Roazhon Park, Rennes

Knockout Stage

Round of 16

22 June 201915:00Match 37:  Winners Group B vs 3rd Group A / C / DStade des Alpes, Grenoble
22 June 201918:30Match 38: Runners-up Group A vs Runners-up Group CAllianz Riviera, Nice
23 June 201917:30Match 39:  Winners Group D vs 3rd Group B / E / FStade du Hainaut, Valenciennes
23 June 201921:00Match 40:  Winners Group A vs 3rd Group C / D / EStade Océane, Le Havre
24 June 201918:00Match 41:  Runners-up Group B vs Winners Group FStade Auguste Delaune, Reims
24 June 201921:00Match 42:  Runners-up Group F vs Runners-up Group EParc des Princes, Paris
Tuesday 25 June18:00Match 43:  Winners Group C vs 3rd Group A / B / FStade de la Mosson, Montpellier
Tuesday 25 June21:00Match 44: Winners Group E vs Runners-up Group DRoazhon Park, Rennes



27 June 201921:00Match 45:  [W37] vs [W39]Stade Océane, Le Havre
28 June 201921:00Match 46:  [W40] vs [W41]Parc des Princes, Paris
29 June 201915:00Match 47:  [W43] vs [W44]Stade du Hainaut, Valenciennes
29 June 201918:30Match 48:  [W38] vs [W42]Roazhon Park, Rennes



2 July 201921:00Match 49:  [W45] vs [W46]Stade de Lyon, Lyon
3 July 201921:00Match 50:  [W47] vs [W48]Stade de Lyon, Lyon


Third place play-off

6 July 2019


Match 51: Losers Match 49 vs Losers Match 50

Venue: Allianz Riviera, Nice

Final Match

7 July 2019


Match 52: Winners Match 49 vs Winners Match 50

Venue: Parc Olympique Lyonnais, Lyon

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