WWE To Consider The Queen Of The Ring Event In 2019

WWE To Consider The Queen Of The Ring Event In 2019

    The top news which is spreading around the pro wrestling world is regarding the next all-Women’s PPV (Pay Per View) episode. According to the sources from WWE, the WWE Newsletter has assured there is going to be something different in the subsequent all-women’s PPV event. Rumors are spreading about the possibility of being a Queen of the Ring tournament after the success of WWE Evolution.

King of the Ring has been a stepping stone to the WWF Championship for many superstars. It is a pro wrestling single elimination event or tournament. WWE organizes the tournament and first, it was held in 1885 to 2002. The event returned in for SmackDown and RAW in 2008, 2010 and 2015. It is a tournament in which 16 wrestlers wrestle each other one-on-one eliminating the other and proceeding to the other round. The tournament bracket is held in 4 parts which are – First Round, Quarter Finals, Semi Finals, and the Final.

Most of the fans still remember the King of the Ring PPV events which started from 1985 and the tournament of 1990. It was reflected as one of the best five PPVs for WWE. Many superstars such as Stone Cold Steve Austin and Bret Hart made their carrier by winning the King of the Ring’s title. Bret Hart won the title of the 1993s King of the Ring title while Stone Cold Steve Austin won the 1996s tournament title.

Unfortunately, the event was wrapped in 2002. The reason was that this event gained much popularity and fans started referring it as the absolute championship match which dragged the attention from other championship events. The last event of King of the Ring was held in 2015 between 27 April and 28 April. Bad News Barrett won the 2015s title by defeating Dolph Ziggler in the Quarter Final, R-Truth in Semi-Final and Neville in the Final.

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While details are scarce concerning the Queen of the Ring, the main idea is that it will take place in 2019. In addition, having a Queen of the Ring tournament will be the focal point at the next Women’s PPV. Meltzer added on Wrestling Observer Newsletter that if there is a tournament, it will consist of the main roster Superstars.

Meanwhile, the Queen of the Ring is still on the rumors and information concerning the event is very few. It is said to be held in 2019 and will be in focus during the following women’s Pay Per View. The event is going to be a stepping stone for the current Women’s Evolution. If World Wrestling Entertainment Inc. declares the event with such innovation then this could be bliss for Ruby Riott, Peyton Royce, Alexa Bliss, and Alicia Fox. It could benefit them with a crown which will give uplift to their carrier.

2019 will be most interesting to watch the WWE Women’s Division as it is going to have Women’s Tag Team Championships, the Queen of the Ring and probably a main event in WrestleMania of Women for the first time. The 2019 looks promising which is giving fans more excitement to watch the WWE Women’s Division.

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