2019 WWE Royal Rumble: Professional Wrestling Superstars That Need The Win Utmost

2019 WWE Royal Rumble: Professional Wrestling Superstars That Need The Win Utmost

       The approaching professional wrestling pay-per-view event as well as WWE Network event and that’s 2019 Royal Rumble, that is going to be one of the best tournaments ever. It will commence from 27th January 2019 at Chase Field in Phoenix, Arizona.

Separate from the two Royal Rumble matches, there are a number of significant matches as well, that may possibly prominently affect the way to WrestleMania.  So, through this article let’s have a look at the three professional wrestling superstars that must need a conquest the utmost at WWE Royal Rumble 2019.

Daniel Bryan

The last few years for Daniel Bryan were not as much good as expected and that’s mostly due to his injury issues. Back in the year 2014 from May to December and again from April 2015 to March 2018, either Bryan was injured or was recovering from his injury.

Daniel in the month of February 2016, retired from professional wrestling because of the medical concerns which also includes seizures, rising from various concussions and a brain injury. On the same year in July, he turns out to be the SmackDown General Manager ensuring the coming back of the brand extension lead.

On 20th March 20, 2018, Bryan was officially as well as medically cleared to reoccurrence to in-ring rivalry and he then had his in-ring reappearance at WrestleMania 34 on 8th April 2018. He for the first time after a long time break recovered the WWE Championship after four years later that November.

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It appeared to be like impossible for Daniel Bryan after his superficial career windup damage and injury problems. Nearly a year ago when his comeback became so hard, surely not one person has imagined this would have derived with Bryan as a patch up. Barely anybody has ever assumed that the start of the WrestleMania 2019 would feature Daniel Bryan as the WWE Champion.

This is the great opportunity for Daniel Bryan to bring out his best and show his fans and worldwide audience about his capabilities after being so much away from the ring due to his injuries.


This Japanese professional wrestler presently signs up to WWE, carrying out on the SmackDown brand. She fights under her ring name Asuka and she is the present SmackDown Women’s Champion in her first reign.

After months of rough and unpleasant losses to Carmella in the effect from the breaking of her unbeaten line, Asuka appeared to be in concern on the SmackDown Live roster. She heads into 2019 WWE Royal Rumble as the SmackDown Women’s Champion and she is one of the most significant wrestlers in the promotion and campaign.

The SmackDown Women’s Championship conquest of Asuka at TLC was her great step in the right track, and since then her effort on the television has also been worth flattering and praised.

At all times, she constantly has been one of the best wrestlers in the world, and at the present WWE is finally providing her a great chance to showcase her in-ring supremacy, control and charm to their international audience, she definitely doesn’t want to lose this chance.

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Seth Rollins

An American professional wrestler who is at present signed to WWE, where he carried out on the Raw brand under his ring name Seth Rollins. Seth Rollins was believed to be the superstar of previous year WWE 2018 for the Raw brand. All through the confusion and absence of direction that weighed down the brand all over much of 2018, The Architect was a regular stable positive spot.

Rollins passed the Intercontinental Championship with superiority all the way through much of the year up to losing the title at TLC.  Though that title defeat and succeeding unsuccessful effort to bring back the title could be a blessing in front and just what the doctor well-organized for The Architect caption into the Royal Rumble.

It’s been a long time for him to be in the picture of word title holder but it seems like that it is coming up soon. In his whole career, he has never attained a Royal Rumble match. Therefore, if he wins the 2019 men’s Royal Rumble match, then this could be his first step in a direction to WrestleMania 35 as Brock Lesnar’s contender for the Universal Championship. He really doesn’t want to lose this opportunity that’s why he is going to give his best.

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