WWE Releases Superstar Tye Dillinger From His Contract; Might Show Up In AEW

              On Friday, WWE has freed its professional wrestler superstar Tye Dillinger from his contract. In the previous week, Dillinger had confirmed that he has been asked to be released from his contract which in the later week was been granted to him and WWE release his contract.

Tye Dillinger real name is Ronnie William Arneill and Tye Dillinger is his ring name. From the year 2006 to 2009, he worked for WWE, where he performed in WWE’s farm territories Ohio Valley Wrestling (OVW) and Florida Championship Wrestling (FCW) and main roster brand WWE ECW.

After he has been released, he again signed back with WWE in the year 2013, where he was apportioned to WWE NXT as “The Perfect 10” Tye Dillinger. Soon his character got popularity and fame and due to which he was promoted to the main roster, working in the SmackDown brand up to his release in the year 2019.

In his second period with the company, Dillinger expended over five and a half years with WWE throughout which time he turns out to be famous for his “Perfect 10” gimmick in the NXT. He also made his debut in Royal Rumble in the year 2017 when seemed to be the No. 10 entrant.

After WrestleMania 33, soon he was called up to the main-roster on SmackDown Live. But instead of making a great mark, all the things got against him. As he was unsuccessful to get into any main matches in spite of being over with the crowd, he sadly went downward instead of going up.

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He had a couple of rounds at the United States Championship but then again for the maximum part on SmackDown Live, Dillinger was demoted to placing over greater superior stars and operating live events.

On Wednesday, Dillinger finally asked for his release after seeing his downfall and started growing frustration with his bookings. On his official Twitter account, he revealed about his release from WWE. On Friday WWE took to Twitter as a medium to issue their statement regarding granting the demand for his release from the company.

A statement on WWE.com read, “WWE has come to terms on the release of Ron Arneill (Tye Dillinger).” Along with Dillinger, 205 Live superstar Hideo Itami was also released on the same day.

Due to his hand injury, Dillinger has to cut off himself from any fight for about four months. After 4 months of rest, the 38-year-old Dillinger had just returned to action. It has to some extent been an unsatisfactory time for Dillinger in the WWE as he was unsuccessful to turn into a topmost superstar in the company even all through his second stint.

Earlier, Dillinger had signed a developmental agreement with WWE in the year 2006 and was called up to the main roster in 2008 under the name Gavin Spears. Until his release in 2009, he wrestled as part of the ECW brand.

Again in the year 2013 Dillinger signed with WWE and spent over three years in NXT. His “Perfect 10” gimmick gathered on with the NXT observing spectators.

Dillinger may possibly show up in All Elite Wrestling (AEW) after his release where his good friend Cody Rhodes is being the Executive Vice President. After Dillinger confirmed his withdrawal, Rhodes even tweeted on his departure. Nothing is confirmed yet but probabilities are we may perhaps see the “Perfect 10” showing up Las Vegas to wrestle for Rhodes’ promotion. The first official pay-per-view under the AEW umbrella is going to held on May 25 in Las Vegas.

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